Tu Aashiqui lines up Ahankti’s separation again

Tu Aashiqui lines up Ahankti's separation again

Tu Aashiqui lines up Ahankti’s separation again… Ahaan looks forward to his marriage with Pankti. He soon wants to fulfill Ahankti’s union dreams. Pankti takes a disguise of gold digger. She turns into a dancer and performs Mujra once again, when Anita plans to sell her off once again. Pankti plays along Anita’s drama to break Ahaan’s heart. Finding Pankti getting auctioned by her own will, Ahaan gets shattered. He asks Pankti to realize how she is killing her love. Pankti tells him that she can’t be with him, since he has lost everything. She insults Ahaan for being a loser.

Ahaan wanted to become her hero and love, but she tells him that he isn’t worthy of her. Ahaan gets too disappointed and tells her that even she isn’t deserving of his love. Ahaan ends all ties with Pankti. She wants him to marry Rangoli, so that he gets saved from Rangoli’s false allegations and madness, which can ruin his entire life. Pankti makes a big sacrifice for Ahaan.

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