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Aapke Aa Jane Silsila Krishna

Quick Reads on TellyReviews… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira leaves from the home and gets happy to meet Kartik. She plans to marry him. She gets dizzy on the way. She faints on the road and is rushed to hospital. When she gets treated and gains consciousness, she learns a shocking truth, which breaks her down. She returns home, knowing Kartik is waiting for her at the temple. She feels bad to take this move. She hurts Kartik and hides the reason from him.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:

Ilaychi believed Pancham as his lucky charm all the time. When Pancham gets the unlucky tag, everyone makes him away. Pancham tells Pintu how everyone is calling him unlucky. Pancham doesn’t want to bring bad luck for anyone. Murari holds Pancham responsible for all the problems coming in his family. Pintu gets a solution from tantric baba. He asks Pancham to wear the lemon chilli garland, so that his bad luck gets away. Pancham tells Pintu that its his good luck that he got a house, job and wife. Pintu says you have made me your fake wife, is this my bad luck.

Udaan: SuKor’s remarriage, Gumaan’s revelation and more… Chakor exposes Imli in front of Suraj. Imli goes to shoot Chakor, but Suraj saves Chakor like always. Suraj punishes Imli and gets her arrested. Chakor learns that Anjor is her daughter. She gives this good news to Suraj. Suraj gets delighetd to know that Anjor is Saanvi, that’s why he felt connected to her. Suraj and Chakor get happy to get their Saanvi back and also sort their differences. Suraj apologizes to Chakor for punishing her for Imli’s crimes. He confesses love to Chakor once again and proposes her for marriage. The duo gets married again and celebrate their togetherness. They rush to meet Anjor and tell the entire truth.

Jiji Maa:

Uttara is living in family with a new identity. She troubles Falguni. Piyali threatens Falguni about the family. She asks Falguni to give up her life if she wants to save her family. Uttara and Piyali want to ruin Falguni’s life. Falguni gives up her life and jumps down the terrace. Piyali wants Niyati to accept her as Jiji Maa. Falguni makes the sacrifice just for Piyali. Piyali gets shocked and holds Falguni’s hand. She tells Piyali that she will get out of the way and then Niyati will accept her as elder sister. Piyali can’t believe Falguni’s move. Falguni tells her that if Piyali saves her life, Niyati will regard her as Lord and love her from heart. She tells Piyali that Niyati regards her family, this is the only opportunity to win Niyati’s heart. She asks Piyali to decide what she wants to do.


Vivaan suspects Meera to be having an affair with Sunny. Vivaan asks Meera to give Agnipariksha. Meera gets heartbroken by his suspicion. Vivaan loved Meera a lot. He tells her that she isn’t appearing true to him, if she is really true, she shouldn’t be scared to give any Agnipariksha. He wants to know the truth. She gets angry and asks if their relation had no trust. He does mistakes in anger. He tells her that he can’t tolerate anything wrong. He goes to shoot Sunny. Meera doesn’t let Vivaan commit any crime, since Sunny has planned to send Vivaan to jail. Meera is sure that Vivaan will repent on his mistakes when Sunny’s truth comes out.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer lands in lockup. Zeenat and Kabeer’s dad also get arrested because of the FIR filed by Hamdam’s parents. Zara meets Kabeer and tries to know the problem. They both have an emotional moment and cry out. Kabeer asks Zara to keep her belief in him. He wipes her tears. Zara tells him that she has more faith in him. She tells inspector that nobody can separate Kabeer and her, even the fake FIR. Inspector tells her that court will decide for them. Zara wants to free them. Inspector doesn’t listen to her. She tells him that she swears on her love, she will free her family within two hours. Kabeer asks Zara to be strong. He feels sad seeing her sorrow. He asks her to keep smiling. Zara works hard to get them freed. She meets police commissioner and seeks his help. Commissioner helps her in investigations, but inspector traps Zara. Commissioner fails to help Zara without any valid evidence.

Kundali Bhagya:

Pandit tries to steal the Ganpati jewelry, while doing the puja. His plan fails because of Preeta. Pandit tricks everyone by spreading the smoke. The fake Pandit is a thief. Preeta collides with the pandit, and gets the diamond back. Pandit blackmails Prithvi and asks him for big amount. He threatens to reveal Prithvi’s truth. Pandit attacks the family member. Preeta and Monisha get into an argument. Monisha reprimands Preeta and makes her realize her feelings for Karan. Preeta denies everything.


Zoya thinks of Aditya. She tries to know her feelings. She realizes that she is doing wrong to marry Arshad, and hurt her best friend Aditya. She decides to take a stand for Aditya. Zoya goes against Wasim. During her Nikaah, when she is asked for her consent to marry Arshad, she changes her mind and rushes to Aditya. Aditya feels he has lost Zoya forever, seeing her marrying Arshad. Zoya surprises Aditya and confesses love to him. She also expresses her consent to marry him. Aditya gets overjoyed with Zoya’s sudden love confession. Aditya and Zoya’s marriage will be seen.

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