Bepannaah: Dramatic twists in AdiYa’s marriage


Bepannaah: Dramatic twists in Zoya’s marriage… Aditya is trying hard that Zoya realizes her feelings and accepts his love. He helps Zoya and adorns her for her marriage. Zoya doesn’t leave his hand. She doesn’t let him go. He bids her bye and asks her to marry Arshad if she is happy. He fulfills his friendship and tells her that he will leave while making prayers for her happiness. She gets in dilemma. She is afraid to get betrayal in love. She doesn’t want to have much belief in love again. She thinks if she goes to get love in her life, she maybe cheated again, and this time she won’t be able to handle it, its better that Aditya remains her best friend, else their lives will be ruined.

She isn’t able to accept her feelings. He tells her that he has to go, else he won’t let her marry, his breath will stop seeing her with someone. He takes the bride to Arshad and tells her that its time he leaves her hand forever. He tells Zoya that he will go too far from her.

Zoya gets clear of her feelings. She sees Aditya everywhere. She thinks its love calling her. She imagines Aditya confessing love to her. Arshad scolds Aditya on seeing him. He says I just hate you, I have understood your love for Zoya, it won’t be good if I come between both of you, I m sacrificing my love just for Zoya, I also dearly love her. He gives his Pagdi to Aditya. He asks Aditya to marry Zoya. Aditya leaves the decision to Zoya. Arshad asks Aditya not to dare leave. Aditya wants Zoya to accept his love and stop him. Zoya thanks Arshad for making her realize love. She finally accepts Aditya and proposes her for marriage. Aditya and Zoya get married.

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