Jiji Maa: Falguni’s biggest relation to get tested

Jiji Maa: Falguni's biggest relation to get tested

Jiji Maa: Falguni’s biggest relation to get tested…. Falguni’s family faces a new problem because of Uttara. Suyash gifts Jayant’s lucky suit to Vidhaan, and asks him to get ready for his first deal. He says Jayant has given this suit to me when I signed my first deal, now this goes to Vidhaan. Niyati feeds curd and sugar to Vidhaan. Falguni gets worried by the bad omens. The diya blows off in the temple, when Falguni prays for his deal. She asks Vidhaan not to sign the deal. Suyash asks her what’s the matter. Falguni tells them that she is feeling bad vibes and thinks Vidhaan shouldn’t sign the deal, it won’t be beneficial for them.

Niyati tells her that its nothing like that and Vidhaan should not stop by any fear. Falguni knows Piyali’s move to fool them by investors. She is facing Piyali’s threatening and hiding the matter from Niyati. Piyali plots everything to separate Falguni and Niyati.


Falguni goes on sacrificing her happiness for the sake of family. Piyali and Uttara have an argument over the flopping plans. They both underestimate each other. They try to outdo each other in smartness. Uttara says my idea worked, else you were just threatening. Piyali tells her that she likes seeing Falguni in pain, so she has saved Falguni’s life. Uttara tells her that she has much experience than her, while Piyali feels she has hatred of twenty years in heart. She doesn’t want to forgive Falguni so soon. She reveals her intentions to ruin Falguni. Uttara also expresses her motives. Uttara celebrates that they have succeeded in creating rift between Falguni and Niyati.

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