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YHM: Ishita to unfold Sudha-Rajat’s mystery…
Sudha asks Rajat to quit drinking and look at the consequences of his blunders. Sudha wants to make sure that Rajat’s mistake doesn’t get any defamation for the hospital. She asks Rajat to get sober and rectify his mistakes. Rajat feels guilty over his mistakes and tells her that he wants to apologize to Raman. Sudha stops Rajat from worsening the matter. Raman and Ishita try to know any hidden link, what they are missing in the entire matter. They learn Sudha is Rajat’s elder sister, who is protecting him from this mess.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Nandini gets insulted by the society women. The women call her characterless and make her out of the society. Nandini faces much humiliation, because of Rajdeep’s move to defame her. The women tell Nandini that she doesn’t deserve to live in their society, she isn’t a good person. They oust her and throw her out on road. The women ask Nandini to show her real face to the society, why is she acting innocent when they are speaking her own truth. They develop bad opinion about Nandini and start punishing her to get justice. They ask Nandini how can she steal her best friend’s husband. The society doesn’t want to forgive her. Nandini breaks into tears.

Internet Wala Love:

Samrat misleads Jai and Aadhya once again. He makes sure that Jai also misunderstands Aadhya, as Aadhya is misunderstanding him. He blackmails Tanisha into hiding his evil truth. Jai sees the CCTV footage and spots Aadhya. He gets mistaken that she has intentionally got herself insulted to put the blame on him. He thinks Aadhya has cheated him by acting sweet. He doesn’t want to trust Aadhya again. He thinks of teaching her a lesson and follows her to trouble. Aadhya asks Jai to stop chasing her. Jai throws Aadhya in the swimming pool and takes their fight further.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Farhaan lays a new plan to trap Majaaz and get him to Pakistan. Mariam galls in danger. Majaaz has no idea what he is getting trapped, and the person helping him is sent by Farhaan. Majaaz is ready to do anything for Mariam. He agrees to go across the border illegally to save Mariam, since the police snatches his passport and gets his valid visa cancelled.

Tu Aashiqui: Ahankti’s new phase of separation… Rangoli ruins Ahaan’s family by making someone else play on the front. She gets her stepdad to buy Pankti and make her a mistress. She also makes him buy Ahaan’s house. Mr. Randhir buys Dhanrajgir’s house. He sends Dinesh to Ahaan’s family. Dinesh asks them to vacate the house, since his client has bought the house from Vikram. Ahaan confronts Vikram for lying to them and selling the house to someone. Manav asks Vikram why did he sell the house without informing them, he could have shared his tensions and found some way out to pay the investors. Vikram explains the business loss scenario to them.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Kiara gets upset with Pragya since Pragya didn’t meet Abhi at the event. Pragya has intentionally avoided Abhi. She doesn’t know what to tell Kiara, that her superman is her dad. Pragya feels sorry to miss Kiara’s big moment when Kiara received the trophy. Kiara explains her that her superman is really loving, like a father is. On the other hand, Abhi gets drunk and tells people that he is facing side effects of love, he doesn’t understand what people mean, people say something and intend something else. He tells them that he isn’t lucky anymore. He says King Singh is the lucky man to get Pragya. King witnesses Abhi’s drunken drama, and understands his jealousy. He lends support to Abhi.

Savitri Devi:
Sanchi is left with no option now, knowing Naintara’s powers are undefeatable. She asks Devi Maa to help her and show some way. She gets a sign when some red chunri falls over her. Sanchi wants to save Veer’s life. She understands the sign and takes sindoor to Veer. She proposes Veer for marriage, only to save his life. Veer gets surprised when her sudden proposal. Veer and Sanchi get together to fight Naintara. Naintara makes Anand her puppet and controls his mind. She orders Anand to kill Veer. Sanchi tries to save Veer’s life from Anand’s attacks.

Udaan: Gumaan makes a final move to target Aazaadgunj… Suraj and Chakor rush to haveli to meet Anjor. They get Kasturi, Bhuvan and Anjor’s parents along. Anjor gets delighted to meet her parents. Chakor tells Anjor that Imli is defeated, she won’t trouble them again. Anjor feels free and thanks Chakor for understanding her helplessness. Chakor and Suraj get emotional seeing Anjor, and want to tell her that they are her parents. Sugna breaks the news to Anjor that she isn’t her biological mother. She introduces Anjor to her real parents Chakor and Suraj. Anjor gets happier with this surprising news, as she has always felt connected to Chakor and Suraj. Anjor hugs them and tells them that she always felt protected in their presence.

Bepannaah: Dramatic twists in Zoya’s marriage… Aditya is trying hard that Zoya realizes her feelings and accepts his love. He helps Zoya and adorns her for her marriage. Zoya doesn’t leave his hand. She doesn’t let him go. He bids her bye and asks her to marry Arshad if she is happy. He fulfills his friendship and tells her that he will leave while making prayers for her happiness. She gets in dilemma. She is afraid to get betrayal in love. She doesn’t want to have much belief in love again. She thinks if she goes to get love in her life, she maybe cheated again, and this time she won’t be able to handle it, its better that Aditya remains her best friend, else their lives will be ruined.

Mohit makes sure that Shivay gets caught. Shivay tries to collect clues. He misses to know the culprit. Bhavya arrests Shivay. Anika wants to help Shivay. Tej informs Omkara and Rudra that he has decided to expel Shivay from Oberois business to save the company stocks and investments. He doesn’t want the important deal to get cancelled because of the defamation posed by Shivay.

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