Saam Daam Dand Bhed: Bulbul to alert Mandira of new threat

Bulbul to alert Mandira of new threat

Bulbul and family play dumb charades. They make two teams. Bulbul succeeds in explaining the film name. She changes the chit and writes a note for Mandira. She tries to explain Mandira about the danger because of evil Daai. Mandira doesn’t understand and thinks its just the game going on. Daai sent to them by Mandira’s dad, takes the chit from them. Mandira asks her to return the chit. Daai tells them that she will also play with them. Bulbul says you can play later, this is Mandira’s turn. Daai doesn’t let Bulbul convey message to Mandira.

Daai wants to harm Mandira’s baby. Bulbul knows this threat on Mandira and baby. She wants Mandira to get saved from fake Daai. She had written on note to be alert of Daai and not eat anything prepared by Daai. Mandira’s dad disapproves Mandira and Vijay’s relation. He hates Vijay and wants the unborn baby to die. Bulbul will help Mandira and save her child. Bulbul has to save Vijay’s life as well. Mandira’s heart will transform after Bulbul’s kind act of saving her child.

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