Tu Aashiqui: Ahankti’s new phase of separation

Tu Aashiqui: Ahankti's new phase of separation

Tu Aashiqui: Ahankti’s new phase of separation… Rangoli ruins Ahaan’s family by making someone else play on the front. She gets her stepdad to buy Pankti and make her a mistress. She also makes him buy Ahaan’s house. Mr. Randhir buys Dhanrajgir’s house. He sends Dinesh to Ahaan’s family. Dinesh asks them to vacate the house, since his client has bought the house from Vikram. Ahaan confronts Vikram for lying to them and selling the house to someone. Manav asks Vikram why did he sell the house without informing them, he could have shared his tensions and found some way out to pay the investors. Vikram explains the business loss scenario to them.

Dinesh calls the new buyer home. Mr. Randhir tells Pankti that they aren’t going Delhi so soon, he has a surprise for her. He gets her to Dhanrajgir mansion and tells her that its their new home. Pankti and Ahaan come face to face again, and this time, they get too hurt with the series of events.

Richa, Kaira, Manav and Aparna refuse to leave the house, since it belongs to them. Aparna checks the legal documents, and still refuses to accept it. She wonders what’s Pankti doing with a stranger. Ahaan breaks the truth that Pankti has turned into that stranger’s mistress. Pankti’s shocking truth shatters everyone’s faith on her. Rangoli plays smartly and makes Pankti fall in everyone’s eyes. Rangoli proposes Ahaan for marriage. In a fit of rage, Ahaan accepts Rangoli’s marriage proposal to prove to Pankti that he can move on her deceive. Will Ahaan learn Rangoli’s plotting? Keep reading.

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