Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar throws an open challenge for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Shocking huge revelation strikes Tevar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar throws an open challenge for Sikandar.. Bebe asks Sikandar to accept Tevar and Kulfi’s relation if he really loves Kulfi. She tells Sikandar that Tevar loves Kulfi a lot and he shouldn’t come in between. She wants Kulfi to stay happy and knows that Sikandar wants the same. Sikandar feels sad that he has lost Kulfi. Tevar challenges him to prove his truth. He asks Sikandar if he liked Kulfi and his song. Sikandar tells him that he knows the truth, but has no proof. Tevar reminds him his huge promises and asks him to dare to complete it. Amyra and Kulfi team up to win against their friends. Kulfi tells Amyra that she wants their relation to get better with love. Amyra wants to give Lovely’s phone to Kulfi so that she can talk to her. Sikandar tells Tevar that he will soon bring the truth out, since Tevar always needs to know it. Tevar asks him to bring the proof in front of Kulfi, but Kulfi will choose just her father. He gets sure that Kulfi loves him since she has accepted him as her father.

Kulfi refuses to enter Sikandar’s house. Amyra tells her that she can come now. Kulfi reminds the promise given to Sikandar. She stays outside, while Amyra gives Lovely’s old phone to Kulfi for use. Kulfi takes the phone. Amyra asks her to answer her calls. She explains Kulfi how to answer calls. Kulfi gets amazed to see such a small phone. Sikandar makes a call on the number of Tevar’s girlfriend’s number. Kulfi answers the call. Sikandar doesn’t listen to her voice. Sikandar wants to help Kulfi by uniting her with her real father. She hides Lovely’s phone from him. Sikandar hugs her. She apologizes to him for not singing with him. She tells him that she couldn’t break Tevar’s heart. She says Tevar is doing a lot for her, she wanted to give him some happiness and sung a song with him.

He likes her innocence. He tells her that he is fine and didn’t feel bad. They share an emotional moment. Sikandar keeps trying to call on the number. Tevar celebrates Kulfi’s acceptance. He tells Kulfi that she loves him a lot. Kulfi thinks Tevar is really her dad, who got so happy by her acceptance. Sikandar sees Kulfi with Tevar. He feels she is going away from him. Tevar and Kulfi light crackers and celebrate. Sikandar feels sorry that he lost to find Kulfi’s truth and failed to keep even Amyra’s heart. Sikandar goes to Lovely and Amyra. He tells Amyra that he will become her game partner. Amyra doesn’t want to lose by having him as the partner. She tells him that he doesn’t know anything about her choice, he can’t answer the judges. He feels bad and asks her to make Lovely her partner.

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