YHM: Ruhi to get inspired by IshRa’s true love

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Raman and Ishita's hearty connect

YHM: Ruhi to get inspired by IshRa’s true love… Raman loses his will power by the tough physiotherapy exercises. He tells Ishita that he isn’t able to tolerate the pain and wants to give up. She tells him that its his first day and he has to be strong to focus. She asks him not to give up so soon, the tough things will look easy with time. Raman tells her that he can’t do anything more. He is fine to accept his failure. She reminds him their life’s struggles, what they have gone through for the sake of their children. She asks him to tolerate the pain and get determined at least for Ruhi’s sake, since he has promised Ruhi about his recovery.

She asks Raman to put his entire back weight on her and lean. Ishita supports Raman and bears the burden to help him get at ease and walk. Ruhi gets happy seeing their true love. She finds them an ideal couple, who are always ready to make sacrifices for each other. Ruhi wishes to get such a life partner, who resembles Raman and Ishita in terms of sincere love. Ishita wants Raman to recover at any cost, so that they can together face Sudha’s evil motives. Sudha plans to ruin Ruhi’s life to settle scores with Raman and Ishita.

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