YRKKH: An initiative to rekindle KaiRa’s love

YRKKH: An initiative to rekindle KaiRa's love

YRKKH: An initiative to rekindle KaiRa’s love…. Naira gets stressed by Kartik’s move further. He meets Naira once again and tells her that he is getting engaged to Ashi. He tries to rekindle their love. He asks her to help him in choosing the engagement ring for Ashi. Naira gets emotionally drained and acts strong. He asks her to decide if she is really so strong. He doesn’t realize that he is hurting her. He asks her if she is getting hurt by their memories. He shows her engagement ring, and asks if he can gift this to Ashi. She gets hurt and doesn’t tell him that she is getting affected. She wants his betterment. She asks him to get engaged. She wishes him good and packs the ring. She tells him that she will live without him. He asks her if she will forget him and live without him. She finds tough to be without him, but she is helpless to part ways. He asks Naira if she will not care if he goes away forever. He asks her if she is hiding anything from him. She recollects her medical condition. She asks him to leave from her life forever.

She gets angry on him for attempting to affect her. Kartik finds her behavior weird. She tries to pacify herself. Manish takes advice from Akhilesh. He doesn’t know about Kartik’s life. Akhilesh wishes everything gets fine. He supports Manish. Kartik returns to Naira and informs her that he has got engaged to Ashi. He thanks Naira for pleasing Ashi by selecting a nice ring. He dances with Naira, and ends up hurting her. Naira warns him against his madness. He tells her that she is killing him by her silence.

She threatens of calling police. Kartik tells her that he will die without her, and even then she doesn’t care for him. Naitik finds Naira’s condition getting worse. He requests Kartik to leave. Kartik apologizes to Singhanias. He tells them that he is helpless to do this, as Naira is at fault. He asks Naira how can she leave him midway, when there is nothing serious.

He asks her if she can move on. He tells Naira that they can together fight with anything. Naira tells him, that she will move on without him. The duo gets fighting and hurt each other’s heart.

Naira asks him to focus on his wife and marriage from now on. She asks Kartik to let her focus on her studies. He asks her if she will come in his marriage and prove herself right that its easy to move on. Naira tells him that she will attend the marriage and fulfill his wish to prove her point. She asks him never to trouble her again. He can’t believe his senses. He dances to suppress his sorrow and makes a leave from her home. Rajshri asks Naira not to hurt Kartik’s heart by hiding such a big matter.

Naira tells Rajshri that she wants to save Kartik from the sorrow. She doesn’t want Kartik to suffer with her. Rajshri sympathizes with her. Rajshri asks her to give Kartik his rights. Naira tells her that she loves Kartik a lot and can’t see him sad forever. She feels little sorrow and hatred are good for him to move on. Kartik awaits Naira at the mandap. Naira reaches him to prove it that its not impossible to move on.

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