Muskaan: Ronak makes a shocking revelation

Muskaan: Ronak makes a shocking revelation

Muskaan performs in the party with Sapna. She sees Ronak in the party and conceals her face. She doesn’t want to fall in his sight, knowing he will never understand her on knowing the truth. Ronak insults the dancers, and asks Muskaan to show her face. She doesn’t lift the ghunghat, which angers him. She manages to leave from the party. Suzaine wants Muskaan’s life to come on track. She advises Muskaan to get away from the brothel and its bitter situations. She supports Muskaan. She doesn’t want Muskaan to dance and earn money. She wants Muskaan to study and make her life successful. She guides Muskaan towards the right path. Sapna is happy and shares the good news, that she got a big opportunity to dance and earn money. Muskaan tells Tabassum that she came back early as there is no class. Sapna competes with Muskaan.

She tells Muskaan that she will earn more money, she is in demand now. Muskaan doesn’t care. She wants to quit dancing. Muskaan asks Sapna not to compete with her and focus on herself. Sapna wants to prove that she is better. Suzaine really wants Muskaan to live a good life, away from the brothel. Tabassum and Sir ji plan to get Aarti in Muskaan’s birthday. Suzaine doesn’t want Muskaan’s life to end in the brothel. She wishes Muskaan sees the outside world and gets the happiness she deserves. Muskaan doesn’t want to go anywhere and has a hope that Aarti will come back. She wants to meet Aarti. She chooses Aarti over her happiness. There will be shocking revelation that Ronak is Sir ji’s son. Ronak will fall in love with Muskaan and marry her, to save her from the evil.

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