Jiji Maa: Piyali to tactfully snatch Falguni’s relations

Jiji Maa: Piyali to tactfully snatch Falguni's relations

Jiji Maa: Piyali to tactfully snatch Falguni’s relations… Falguni tells Jayant about Niyati’s anger. He asks her to give some time to Niyati and let her calm her anger. He suggests her to go home, so that Niyati realizes her mistake. Niyati feels ashamed that Vidhaan is facing such a day because of Falguni. Piyali tells Niyati that she got the clients beaten up to take revenge for Vidhaan’s state. She impresses Niyati. She tells Niyati that she won’t tolerate if anyone hurts her. Niyati hugs her. Piyali uses her tactics to make Falguni away. Uttara sees Piyali’s clever tricks and gets angry. She cries for Vidhaan’s pain. She wants to give it back to Piyali. She doesn’t forgive Piyali. Jayant and Suyash meet Vidhaan. Uttara cries for Vidhaan.

Jayant hears her voice and wonders why is he hearing Uttara’s voice again and again. Suyash feels sorry for Vidhaan. Falguni apologizes to Suyash. Uttara tells Jayant that she can help him in talking to his wife, maybe she is in pain about her son. She guides him about communicating to spirits.

He agrees to take her help and talk to the spirit. She thinks this is the chance to convince Jayant. Falguni realizes her mistake and feels sorry. She tries to explain the situation to Suyash. He gets upset with her. He tells her that he will discuss personal issues later. Falguni awaits Niyati to feed her food. Niyati agrees to take help from Piyali. She distances Falguni from her. She cries for Vidhaan. Falguni gets hurt when Niyati’s behavior gets bitter. She doesn’t want Piyali to cheat Niyati. Suyash and Niyati get upset with Falguni and find her selfish.

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