Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to learn Amyra’s biological father

Kulfi Kumar Amyra kidnapping twist leaves Sikandar tense

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to learn Amyra’s biological father… Sikandar realizes that its just one day left for Ganpati Visarjan. He recollects his promise to himself and Tevar that he will find Kulfi’s real father. He has got some clues about Tevar and his girlfriend. He doesn’t lose courage and focus on his task. He calls on Lovely’s old phone number, which is being used by Kulfi. Sikandar finally gets connected to that person on call, and realizes that the phone number belongs to Lovely. He gets concrete clues against Tevar and Lovely. He learns Lovely’s big lie to Tevar, that Kulfi is his daughter. Sikandar realizes that Tevar isn’t cheating them, but Tevar also got cheated by Lovely. Sikandar can’t believe his wife’s ugly truth. He goes on to find Tevar’s real daughter.

Sikandar learns that Amyra is Lovely and Tevar’s daughter. He gets a big shock with this revelation. He was hunting for Kulfi’s truth, and came across Amyra’s father’s truth.

He never imagined that Amyra could not be his daughter. He confronts Lovely over hiding such a big truth about his past relationship with Tevar. She apologizes to Sikandar. She stops him from telling the truth to anyone. She asks him if he can explain this truth to Amyra and hand her over to Tevar. She tells him that Amyra has grown up calling him father. She asks how can you give Amyra to Tevar, and get Kulfi home. She gives him a choice and asks him to choose between Amyra and Kulfi. She asks him if he will forget his bond with Amyra for the sake of Kulfi.

She puts Sikandar in a big dilemma. Sikandar can’t give away Amyra to Tevar. He loves Amyra as his own daughter, since her birth. He also fears to reveal Amyra’s birth truth to Tevar. Lovely asks him to let things go on as it it, and let Kulfi stay with Tevar, since Kulfi accepted Tevar as her father. She asks him not to make Amyra away from him, since Amyra may not be able to accept Tevar as her real father. Lovely wants Sikandar to observe silence over the matter, while Sikandar feels doing injustice with both Kulfi and Amyra.

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