Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next… Meera has turned blind. Vivaan is trying his best to not let her feel her disability. She finally gets eye transplant done. The eye donor is related to Vivaan’s past. Meera gets scary visions post her eye transplant surgery. She gets frustrated. Meera and Vivaan will be seen romancing in the rain. She suddenly gets shocking visuals, which ruins her mood. Meera and Vivaan have cute moments. He prepares breakfast for her. He asks her not to do any work and just live like a queen. Meera gets happy with his gestures. Meera has many questions around her life’s situations. She doesn’t want the bad visions to ruin her relationship with Vivaan.

Vivaan knows about the donor and hides the fact from Meera. Meera has no idea about the donor’s identity. He isn’t able to tell Meera, fearing of her reaction.


He wants to live happily with Meera, since all the negative people have gone out of their lives. Vivaan supports Meera. He puts efforts to give strength to Meera. He knows Meera has been fighting with big problems. He wants to fill happiness in her life. Meera gets dreams of a young girl, who is in trouble. She asks Vivaan to save the girl from dying. He understands why is Meera getting such visions. He tries to calm her down. Vivaan and Meera want to fight with new hurdles with courage. There will be horror twist in Meera’s life.


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