Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to exact revenge on Badi Amma

Aapke Aa Jane Se

Vedika injects Badi Amma and makes her drugged. She makes Badi Amma ready in the worst makeup possible. She pressurizes Badi Amma to dance. She realizes that Badi Amma has targeted her and ruined her life by the hidden conspiracies. Badi Amma acts mad in front of the family. She dances non-stop. She doesn’t listen to anyone. Vedika gets her revenge fulfilled. She doesn’t want to lose. She wants to teach a lesson to Badi Amma in her same language of immorality. Badi Amma tries to prove that she isn’t mad, Vedika has done everything with her. She fails to prove Vedika wrong. Vedika defends herself.

She has gone through a lot of tortures before. She is prepared to prove Badi Amma a liar. Badi Amma attacks Vedika and Manjula. Sahil stops Badi Amma. Sahil protects Vedika. Sahil gets worried for Badi Amma. He sends Badi Amma with the mental hospital doctors to get her treated. Vedika gets Badi Amma away from the house. She focuses on getting Ved back. Ved tells Bhoomi that he wants Vedika as his mother.

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