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Tonight On Star… Papa By Chance:
Sucharita keeps Mata Rani puja at home and invites Yuvaan. Harman helps her in puja arrangements. He gives gifts to the young girls and takes their blessings for Sucharita and his pairing. She tells Harman that she has got a young girl’s earrings, she will go and return it. He asks her not to care for cheap earrings. Sucharita tells him that this earring is special for that girl, its her mom’s earring. She goes after the girl. He tries to stop her. He doesn’t want Yuvaan to return home. She is ready to leave Harman to get Yuvaan back in the family. Harman feels insecure. He tries his best to keep Sucharita impressed.

Mariam Khan:

Majaaz loses Mariam Khan. He doesn’t lose courage. He wants to find Mariam and take her home. Aayat wants revenge from Majaaz. She calls up Rifat and agrees to name the haveli to her, in order to ruin Majaaz’s family. She wants to see Majaaz on road. Rifat joins hands with her to ruin Majaaz’s family by getting haveli from Aayat. She takes advantage of Majaaz’s absence. Farhaan attacks Majaaz and kidnaps him. Majaaz wants to reach Mariam soon. He asks Farhaan to reveal his motives. Farhaan and his boss express their evil motives to Majaaz, which shocks him. Majaaz refuses to carry out any evil task. He tells them that they are doing wrong to spread terror. He denies to them outrightly.

Ishqbaaz: Mohit throws a final challenge at Shivay… Rudra rushes to Omkara and asks him about Nancy. Omkara tells him that Nancy escaped, but Shivay will definitely catch her. They keep an eye on Mohit. Mohit is confident that the family didn’t learn about Shivay. He is sure to leave before Shivay comes. He entertains the people with his magical tricks. He also plans to disappear from the stage. He thinks Shivay will never reach him. Rudra asks Omkara to inform Shivay that Mohit is leaving. They try to call up Shivay so that Shivay can stop Mohit in time. Mohit comes up with his superb trick and asks the people to count down. Mohit bids a farewell to everyone. Mohit’s trick fails because of Shivay. Shivay reaches there as Majnu Awara.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar heads to Chirauli to unveil secrets… Amyra makes a lovely surprise for Sikandar and Lovely. Kulfi shares her life’s bad experiences with her. She tells her that she misses her family. She is happy that Amyra is ready with the surprise. Lovely asks Sikandar not to reveal anything to Amyra. Sikandar finds Amyra hurt and rushes to help her. He loves her a lot. He can’t help, but stay silent about Lovely’s big lie. Amyra tells him that she is fine, being his brave daughter. Lovely convinces him to accept Amyra. They happen to see Amyra’s surprise gift, a wonderful collage of their best memories. They get emotional and cry. Amyra asks them if they didn’t like the surprise. She makes them promise that they will stay together.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Huge letdown; Naira to forget Kartik… Naira proposes Kartik for marriage. She feels bad that she has hurt everyone so much by her illness. She tells them that her illness and cure aren’t in her hands, but she can share her wish with them. She tells them that she wants to marry Kartik before her surgery. She wants to give them happiness, knowing they all want this too. Kartik tells Naira that he isn’t mad to reject her love, he will surely marry her. She tells him that whatever is written in her fate will be shared by them. He tells her that he will elope with her and marry. Manish and Naitik warn him against denying to Naira’s wish. They ask Kartik to just marry Naira as soon as possible. Naira wants to live as Kartik’s wife.

YHM: Ruhi breaks down after a fearful rejection… Shagun and Aaliya get excited for Ruhi’s alliance. Shagun wants Ruhi to get married soon. She asks Ruhi not to overthink and be stress free. Rohan calls up Aaliya to give a hint that he is coming to her house. Aaliya tells him about the guests coming and gets busy in work. Raman wishes the guy to win Ruhi’s trust so make a successful relationship. He wants Ruhi to get over her past. He doesn’t want Sudha and likely people to hurt Ruhi. Ishita asks Raman not to cry and be positive. She tells him that Ruhi will be happy always, since they are with her to guide her. The family prepares to meet the guy. They don’t want to pressurize Ruhi. Rohan comes home. Ishita tells him that she will talk about the car damage later. He tells her that he has come to meet his daughter, the marriage bureau has sent him.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Shocking!! Prerna concurs to marry Navin… Prerna learns the financial troubles her parents are facing. She gets scared of Mohini, who is capable to ruin them and bring them on roads. Mohini really wants to snatch the roof over head and turn them homeless to pressurize Prerna for accepting Navin’s proposal. Mohini sends the legal notice to Rajesh, and asks him to pay back the loan, else vacate the house. Rajesh and Veena get suffering in Moloy’s absence. Prerna feels helpless on reading the notice. She didn’t imagine Mohini will stoop to this level. Suman asks her to give up and accept Navin’s proposal if she wants to see the family secure. She tells Prerna that even Shekhar can get help in his business if they get related to Mohini.

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