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Chakor picks Anjor from the school. Some goons arrive at the school and click pictures of the young girls. They also plan to kidnap Anjor. Tuntun gets kidnapped. Anjor gets suspicious when she spots someone. Suraj and Chakor ask Anjor not to come out of the gate alone, Tuntun should be accompanying her. Chakor is worried that Tuntun has gone missing. She explains the parents to come and personally pick their children, whatever is happening in Aazaadgunj isn’t right for anyone. She fears for child kidnapping.

Internet Wala Love:

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Aadhya agrees to marry Samrat. Dada ji praises Samrat for being a gem. He knows Samrat will keep his promise and keep Aadhya happy always. He assures Aadhya and her parents that Samrat will prove to be a good match for Aadhya. Jai determines to stop the marriage at any cost, believing Aadhya is not suitable for Samrat and family.

Tu Aashiqui:
Aparna thanks Pankti for helping Ahaan become a superstar. Pankti tells her that they both have seen this dream of Ahaan becoming a rockstar. She says we both have worked hard for this dream, we have to expose Randhir and Rangoli’s truth in front of everyone. She asks Aparna to bring Rangoli home by accepting Rangoli’s marriage proposal for Ahaan. Aparna tells her that she knows how she has to work out her plan and expose Rangoli in front of Ahaan. She fools Rangoli by accepting her as Dhanrajgir family’s bahu.

Harman gets restless to know who is his Gulabo. He has lost all memories and wants to meet his lover. Harak gets worried with Harman’s knowledge about his lover. Harak plants a fake Gulabo to mislead his son. Harak tells Harman that the girl in front of him is his Gulabo. Harman gets tricked. Meanwhile, Sameer is also cheating Soumya to get his love. He lies to her about her family. He doesn’t want to lose Soumya this time.

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