Mariam Khan: Majaaz and Mariam to have a happy union

Mariam Khan: Majaaz and Mariam to have a happy union

Mariam Khan: Majaaz and Mariam to have a happy union… Majaaz asks people about Mariam. He gets a relief to know that Farhaan didn’t get Mariam till now. He spots Farhaan and hides from him. Rifat gets happy that she will get the haveli. Lawyer tells her that she can’t get the haveli, since it will be titled to Mariam till she turns 20 years old. She asks him to find some way to get the property on her name. Zain helps Mahira and her family. He also wants to save their family. Madiha gets worried that Majaaz is facing troubles because of Aayat. She doesn’t want to turn homeless. Aijaz learns the huge problems and feels helpless. Madiha tries to hide the sorrow from him. Aijaz asks her to believe in God and be true, they will get help. He encourages them. The lawyer finds a solution and asks Rifat to get the signatures of Mariam’s parent to get the haveli. Rifat wants to target Madiha. Majaaz visits the Dargah to pray for Mariam.

Farhaan looks for Majaaz and Mariam. Mariam happens to come to the same Dargah. Majaaz’s prayers get answered when he meets Mariam. Mariam also wishes that she meets her dad. She gets delighted to see him. Majaaz and Mariam unite after a long time. Zain and Mahira have a moment when he gets scared of a lizard. She laughs on his silly phobia. He gets happy to see her laughing after a long time. He tells her that he wants her to keep smiling. Mariam tells Majaaz that she missed him a lot and was waiting for him. Majaaz apologizes to her for putting her in troubles. He feels sorry that he has made her life struggling. He tells her that he will not leave her now. He promises to be with her. The police reaches there, while Farhaan hides away from the cops.

Rifat fools Zain and asks him to take Madiha’s signatures on the legal papers. She lies that she is helping Madiha. She doesn’t want Zain to check the papers. Majaaz makes it possible for Mariam to talk to Madiha and family. They have an emotional moment. Mariam tells them that she is coming home. Madiha asks Majaaz to take care and stay alert. Majaaz worries about Farhaan. Aayat wants Farhaan to kidnap Mariam and get her to the hospital.



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