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High Five Spoilers on Telly Reviews… Kaleerein:
Meera and Vivaan romance and share a laugh after a long time. Vivaan teases Meera, but he ends up making a mistake. Meera makes him realize his mistake. He later saves her from a lizard. He tells her that she is so brave, and can’t be scared of anything. They have a romantic moment. Vivaan gifts a saree to Meera. Meera gets dressed in his gifted saree. Vivaan compliments Meera. Their romance always gets interrupted by family members.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Bhoomi’s selfish act to hurt Vedika… Vedika fails to prove Badi Amma’s truth. She finds the pen drive empty. She finds no evidence of Badi Amma’s crime confession. She says Badi Amma has stolen the evidence, she has deleted the files from the pen drive. Badi Amma denies everything. The family thinks Badi Amma has become mentally unstable. Badi Amma cleverly traps her again. She tells Sahil that Vedika is her enemy. They have an heated argument. Vedika sheds tears. She gets support from Arya and Manjula. She vents out her frustration. She tells Sahil that very soon she will expose Badi Amma’s truth.

Udaan: Anjor’s kidnapping comes as a shocker.. Suraj and Chakor get disturbed by Tuntun’s death. They don’t want to lose Anjor to the criminals. The criminal Pandey wants to sell the young girls. He runs a big racket, while keeping his identity hidden from police. Chakor tries to track Pandey and catch him. She happens to see his face and thinks of informing police. Pandey calls Chakor and tells her that he doesn’t want her and Suraj’s interference in his business. Chakor shames him for his heinous crimes. Chakor gets threatened about Anjor. She challenges Pandey. He tells her that very soon she will lose her daughter. Chakor sounds confident and asks him to try what he can, but she will never let that happen.

Muskaan: Fashion show event to get good moments… Muskaan gets strength from Suzaine, who asks her to participate in the ramp show and live her life. Suzaine asks Muskaan not to limit herself and try everything in her life which a normal girl goes. She wants Muskaan to stay happy till she gets caged in the brothel. She inspires Muskaan to live happy. Ronak leaves no choice for Muskaan and compels her to come for the fashion show. Ronak waits for her at the fashion event. He worries that she may not come. His heart tells him that she will come. He wants Muskaan to keep his faith. Muskaan is from a bad place, but hides her identity.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai gets drunk and reaches Aadhya’s house to apologize to her. Dada and Dadi get angry seeing Jai’s misbehavior. Dadi beats Jai for insulting them once again. Aadhya saves Jai from Dadi’s beating. Dadi finds Aadhya a humble and honest girl. She asks Jai why does he hate Aadhya so much. She then applies ointment to his wounds. She asks him to change his thinking about Aadhya, who is becoming a part of their family now. Jai tells Dadi that he doesn’t hate Aadhya, but doesn’t find her right. Aadhya feels its too tough to understand Jai. Mahira sends them for an event. Jai and Aadhya go on a work trip, against their will. They spend time with much bitterness for each other. Jai gets irritated with her. He asks her to shut the window and tie her hair, he can’t travel with her. Aadhya refuses to him. They have cute moments. Jai gets taunting her. Aadhya apologizes to him.

YRKKH: Romance, wedding and desperate measures…. Kartik controls his fears to give strength to Naira. Naira stays stressed before the surgery. She doesn’t get sleep. Kartik fails to convince her. He comes up with an idea to change her mood. He gets into a doctor’s get up and asks Naira to greet the doctor. She gets surprised seeing him. He tells her that he has come for few routine tests and she should cooperate with him. Kartik checks her heart beat. She acts to faint. He folds hands and asks her not to act such ever again. He tells her that he lost a breath seeing her fainting. She tells him that she should check his heart beat then. Kartik and Naira have cute romance moment. He becomes a doctor just to make her smile. He tells her that doctors are really angels for them, she will be soon fine. He has found a good way to relax her.


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