Muskaan: Fashion show event to get good moments

Muskaan Ronak take an unexpected decision

Muskaan: Fashion show event to get good moments… Muskaan gets strength from Suzaine, who asks her to participate in the ramp show and live her life. Suzaine asks Muskaan not to limit herself and try everything in her life which a normal girl goes. She wants Muskaan to stay happy till she gets caged in the brothel. She inspires Muskaan to live happy. Ronak leaves no choice for Muskaan and compels her to come for the fashion show. Ronak waits for her at the fashion event. He worries that she may not come. His heart tells him that she will come. He wants Muskaan to keep his faith. Muskaan is from a bad place, but hides her identity.

Muskaan and Ronak belong to different sections of the society. She doesn’t want to belong to brothel. She wants to change the circumstances and stay a normal life. Muskaan wants to bring a change in people’s thinking as well. Ronak and Muskaan’s ramp show becomes a success. Muskaan adds the glamor in the good cause. Ronak falls in love with her. He gets mesmerized with her beauty. Muskaan is the show shopper. She walks the ramp. Ronak and Muskaan have a moment. Muskaan knows Ronak won’t accept her dark truth. Ronak feels she is the girl for him. They have sweet moments.

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