TR’s Telly Reminders

Surprise Spoilers Top 6 Tuesday Twists 25th June 2019

TR’s Telly Reminders… Sai Baba:
Sai Baba helps the poor and needy people. He treats a sick boy and does a miracle again. He doesn’t let his devotees get troubled. He takes all the problems on himself. He saves the little boy and gets his hands burnt. The boy recovers. Everyone gets emotional seeing the miracle. Sai Baba protects people without letting anyone realize. He explains the people that Lord gives them sorrow which they can tolerate. He asks them to always have hope and not give up. He guides them and solves their problems.

Perfect Pati:

Pushkar gets ready as the groom. He tells Rajshri that they shall leave and get Vidhi home. Rajshri and Meera reach Ashwin’s house for the marriage ceremony, but Pushkar goes missing. Pushkar learns about Rangeela and Maasa’s planning. Maasa wants Rangeela to marry Vidhi. Pushkar doesn’t arrive for the wedding. This makes everyone tensed. Rajshri wants to know where did Pushkar go without informing her. She assures Vidhi that marriage will happen on the auspicious mahurat.

YHM: Sudha to plot around Rohan-Aaliya’s relationship.. Ishita and Raman have a discussion over Rohan and Aaliya’s relationship. Ishita tells Raman that they should really consider Rohan’s proposal, if he has got so much insulted by them and still maintained his word that he loves Aaliya and wants to marry her. She tells him that instead beating up and ousting Rohan, they should have spoken to him peacefully about Aaliya. Ishita finds Rohan a nice guy and tells Raman that Rohan can keep Aaliya happy, since he accepted her knowing she is a widow. Raman tells her that because of Ruhi’s tension, he couldn’t think of anyone else. He asks her to call Rohan home if she wants to settle Aaliya, but she should first take Aaliya’s consent too.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Akshat thinks he is marrying Shweta. Guddan gets inside the house and takes the bride’s place. She is marrying Akshat since she is helpless. She hides her identity. Akshat and Guddan meet in the mandap. They come for the marriage. Akshat and Guddan exchange the varmala. Dadi is happy for Akshat’s marriage. Akshat marries Guddan by performing all the rituals. Akshat and Guddan take the seven rounds. The rituals are done while the bride puts the long ghunghat on her face. Guddan and Akshat misunderstand each other. Akshat gets a big shock seeing Guddan as his bride.

Jiji Maa:
Suyash decides to make Falguni away from his life. He gets the divorce papers prepared. He leaves the papers in the room for Falguni to see. When Falguni plans a romantic surprise for Suyash, hoping to make things fine between them. She shockingly gets the divorce papers. She realizes the problems between Suyash and her got bigger. Suyash meets her and ignores the surprise arrangements done by her. He feels sorry to break her heart. He signs the divorce papers and asks her to sign it too, as he wants to divorce her, being fed up of their marriage. Falguni breaks down when he expresses his hatred.

The media troubles Shivay and Anika with their bad questions regarding their relationship. Shivay keeps silence for a while, which makes Anika assume that he will never speak up. Shivay finally gives Anika a status of his wife in front of the world. He tells the media that Anika is his everything, his wife, his life, his love and also his respect. He tells them that he has married Anika by following all the rituals, even if he has kept the marriage a secret before, he isn’t ashamed of their relation now. He gives Anika her deserved rights and status in society, being his wife. Anika feels proud and lucky to have a husband like Shivay. Shivay and Anika hunt for Mohit’s boss.

Rukaiya plans to send away Anarkali from the palace. She plays a game and gets Jodha’s idol stolen, so that Anarkali and her aunt gets blamed for it. Rukaiya misleads Akbar into believing that Anarkali’s aunt is the thief. Akbar angrily commands Anarkali’s aunt to leave from the palace. Anarkali knows her aunt is innocent. She begs Salim to save her aunt. She asks him to prove his friendship in such a needy moment. Salim asks Jodha to stop Anarkali and her aunt from leaving. Jodha gets helpless and tells him that she can’t change the king’s decision. Salim asks Akbar to consider his request. Salim thinks of proving Anarkali’s aunt innocent.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Rifat plans to cheat Madiha and get her signatures on the power of attorney papers, so that she can get the haveli and bring Khan family on roads. Rifat and Aayat want revenge from Khan family for their own reasons. Majaaz unites with Mariam. He struggles to hide from police and goons. Farhaan chases him to compel him for illegal crime. Majaaz asks Mariam to hide, and just obey him, since there is danger around. Majaaz and Mariam think of meeting family and gain courage.


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