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Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Palak gets busy in her new responsibility. She becomes a wedding planner. She takes Geeta and Tara’s help. She discusses about Tara and Vikrant’s marriage. Geeta is Rithvik’s biological mother. Palak wants to help Vikrant, who is Rithvik’s stepbrother. She doesn’t want Rithvik to get involved in this work, since he will get hurt knowing about Vikrant. She wants to handle the work alone. She stops Geeta and Rithvik from coming face to face. She keeps Rithvik away from the work, which she has suggested to him before. She thinks Rithvik can opt for some other business. She asks Geeta and Tara’s choice of things. Palak tries her hand in new endeavour. She gets suspicious about Tara’s intentions. She doesn’t believe in Tara and Vikrant’s superficial relationship.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe have a huge confrontation. Krishna gets angered knowing his lie to cheat her about the result. She can’t believe that Radhe kidnapped Prashant and attempted to kill him. She wants to tell Radhe that love doesn’t make a person commit crime. She feels the innocence which she liked in Radhe has ended. She feels sorry hearing Radhe’s harsh words that he can kill Prashant for the sake of her love. She decides to get Radhe punished for his crimes. Radhe gets arrested. Prashant asks the inspector to beat up Radhe. Shukla and family stay worried for Radhe’s jail period. Krishna worries for Radhe, since she loves him. She feels Radhe’s pain. Shukla’s wife turns into Krishna’s enemy. She wants her son out of the jail some way. She begs Krishna to withdraw the complaint and free Radhe.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham takes a disguise and reaches Murari to threaten him. Ilaychi takes Pancham’s help so that she can make her dad brave. Pancham asks Murari to give money if he wants to save his life. Murari worries on hearing the amount. Ilaychi asks Murari not to give his hard earned money and beat the goon. Murari gets scared for his life. He gets ready to give him money. Pancham asks for 5 lakhs suddenly so that Murari refuses and fights. He gets Ilaychi at gun point and threatens to kill her. Murari turns brave to save his daughter. He beats up Pancham. Ilaychi gets happy that Murari has finally got rid of his fears. She stops Murari from beating Pancham. She tells him that this was her plan, she wanted him to turn brave, he has become brave to save her life. She tells him that she knew he will save his family. Murari apologizes to Pancham for beating him.

Jiji Maa:

Suyash shocks Falguni by his divorce decision. She doesn’t find the reason behind it and suspects Piyali’s foul play. Niyati feels bad for Falguni, but Piyali limits Niyati from consoling a heartbroken Falguni. Niyati sympathizes with Falguni, knowing about Suyash’s shocking decision. Piyali doesn’t want the sisters to unite again. Falguni finds Suyash in big danger. Uttara makes the plan to put his life in danger, so that she can prove to Jayant that she has been right about the future prediction. She wants Falguni out of the house. She tries to convince Jayant that Falguni is unlucky for Suyash. Falguni rushes and saves Suyash’s life. She decides to save her marriage and know Suyash’s problem.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik tells Naira that he loves her the way she is, she doesn’t need to put pressure on herself to look good, she is already the best. He shows her the video sent by the family members just to wish her good luck. Naira gets emotional with their hearty messages. She also wants to remember everyone and bring happiness in their lives. The families get united for Kaira Milan in a different way. Everyone gathers surprises for Naira to cheer her mood.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:

Navin gets his way to Prerna and troubles her with his dirty talking. Prerna tries to avoid him. She faces Mohini again. Mohini asks Navin to show his rights on Prerna, since they are engaged now. She tells Navin that even Prerna can’t oppose him now. Prerna reminds Navin about his promise of solving her problems. Navin helps her and gives her a cheque, so that she can return the loan amount to Mohini and save her house. Prerna gets relieved that she can save the ancestral house. Navin asks Prerna for his token in return. Prerna gets uncomfortable with Navin’s cheap act. Anurag interrupts them to know the matter. Prerna conceals the matter and maintains silence. She hides the cheque from Anurag, so that he doesn’t assume her to be a gold digger. Anurag shows his belief in Prerna, and wants to save Prerna from the forced marriage.

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