Best times for consuming fruits

Best times for consuming fruits

Best times for consuming fruits… We all know that the Fruits are good source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins that will protects our bones, fight against diseases and helps indigestion. People who eat fruits daily in their diet have a less risk of chronic diseases and illness. A person has to make a habit of eating at least one or two fruit daily to boost energy and remain fit. However, a fruit has to be taken at a right time and having a fruit at an inappropriate time will result in health issues.

Best time to eat fruits:
Fruits detoxify your body and natural sugar in fruits gives immediate energy to your body. The best time to eat fruits is in the morning on an empty stomach. When you eat fruits on an empty stomach, the digestive system works proper and melts fruit’s sugar quickly and provides complete nutrients to body.

Worst time to eat fruits:
It is not healthier to eat fruits before going to sleep. It will lead to increase in insulin and blood sugar levels. Always avoid eating fruits in evening or dinner. Don’t eat fruits immediately before and after the meals as it causes indigestion. You have to take a minimum gap of 30 minutes between your meal and fruits.

Best and worst time to eat some common fruits:
1. Banana: Eat in afternoon as fiber helps in digestion. Avoid at night as it can cause cold and cough.
2. Apple, Mango: Eat in the morning as it cures constipation. Avoid at night lead to indigestion and stomach disturbance.
3. Orange: Snack time is the best time. Vitamin C improves metabolism and digestion. Avoid eating on an empty stomach in morning, as it causes gastric problems.
4. Papaya: Have Papaya in breakfast to improve digestion. Avoid in Dinner as it can cause stomach problems.
5. Watermelon: Consume in breakfast and lunch as it fulfills water requirement of your body. Avoid in dinner or bed time as it can cause frequent urination and poor sleep at night.
6. Nuts: Best time to eat is before breakfast as it provides energy and fight against diseases, Avoid in dinner as it will increase your weight.


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