Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to pass the Agni Pariksha

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika to realize Jacky's truth

Agarwal family keeps puja for Ved. Pandit stops Bhoomi from sitting on the havan. He asks Vedika to sit, since she is Ved’s biological mother. Bhoomi gets much hurt. She gets her pandit there to defend her. Bhoomi’s pandit tells them about the tough tapasya to be done by both the mothers. Bhoomi challenges Vedika. She gets insecure. Vedika and Bhoomi will be giving an Agni Pariksha for their son Ved. Sahil and entire family get worried for the duo. Vedika prays and walks on the hot burning coal.

Bhoomi struggles. Badi Amma gets encouraging Bhoomi. Vedika chants the mantras and stands on the hot coal for much time. Pandit blesses her and tells her that she has chanted the mantras and showed much tolerance and determination. He praises her for sticking to her commitment. He tells Sahil that he has never seen such a lady before. Vedika completes the tapasya and then faints. Sahil rushes to her and takes her for aid. Sahil finds an improvement in Ved and gets grateful to Vedika.


  1. Stop bhoomis foolishness she is selfish she cant hide vedikas truth and save badi amma.throw bhoomi out of show.how badi amma forgot past.she has done with yash agarwal.stop hiding truth


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