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Kulfi Kumar Bajewala:
Sikandar has finally learnt that he is Kulfi’s father. Sikandar returns home and accepts Tevar and Kulfi’s bonding. Sikandar is happy with Amyra and Kulfi’s friendship. He plans a surprise picnic for his daughters. This brings happiness for everyone. Amyra and Kulfi get happy with the surprise and pack things for them. Sikandar hugs Tevar and shares his emotions. He gets to see Kulfi’s innocent drawings and cries. He has an unique bond with Kulfi. He hides the truth, knowing Kulfi is happy with Tevar. He doesn’t want to break Kulfi and Amyra’s hearts by revealing the truth. Kulfi asks Sikandar why is he crying, and sweetly scolds him. Sikandar and Tevar call Kulfi their grandma and apologize to her. Sikandar and Tevar take their daughters in the car. Lovely gets worried with Sikandar’s response.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Navin feels insulted when Prerna scolds him for his misbehavior. He listens to her only because she threatens of cancelling the marriage. He wants to marry her, and then show her who has the upperhand. He is sure to control Prerna his way, once their marriage gets done. He thinks all her ego and attitude will get over once he teaches her a lesson after marriage. Navin stoops low to get close to Prerna and gets impatient. Anurag observes their uncomfortable chemistry and Navin’s madness. Anurag gets too concerned for Prerna and doesn’t leave her alone. He spies on Navin and learns his planning behind marrying Prerna. Anurag decides to expose Navin. He reaches Mohini in order to complain about Navin. Mohini gets blind in Navin’s love and finds him right all the time. Anurag wishes to encourage Prerna, so that she herself breaks the alliance.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer feels upset that he has turned down everyone’s expectations. He didn’t reveal the truth to them before, and feels its justified that everyone is misunderstanding him now. He understands their anger and sorrow. He can understand Zara’s sentiments as well. Ruksar has proved Kabeer to be a liar. Kabeer tells them that his marriage with Ruksar isn’t valid, since he has married her only to save her life. He refuses to accept that marriage.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna and Radhe’s love story faces big problems. Krishna gets clear of her misunderstandings around Radhe. She learns Shukla and Prashant’s planning to break Radhe and her relation. She gets Radhe freed from the lockup. She meets him at home and tells him that she wants to give their relation another chance. She wants love and career in her life. She doesn’t want to leave any one thing, since both the things matter to her. Radhe asks her to pursue her career dreams if she wants, she can’t have his love alongside. He gets fed up of her and tells her that he has gone through a lot because of her. He feels he can never be educated like Krishna and her friend Prashant. He feels inferior to them, and tells Krishna that he feels like an outsider in her life. He asks Krishna to divorce him, which breaks her down.

Ronak learns about Muskaan’s birthday. He realizes that he has fallen in love with her. He tells his friend that even though Muskaan is far, he will celebrate her birthday in his style. He gets a birthday cake for Muskaan, and cuts the cake on her behalf, keeping her picture in his phone. He misses Muskaan and feels some unknown bond with her. Muskaan also cuts her birthday cake and celebrates with Suzaine Maasi. Suzaine gets worried thinking of the evening party, where Tabassum and Sir ji had planned to auction Muskaan. She fears for Muskaan’s trauma. She awaits Aarti and has all hopes on her. Suzaine and Muskaan have no idea that Aarti has lost her mental balance.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay and Anika will be seen in a different way post the short leap. Shivay makes prayers in the church, while Anika tries to pacify him. He lights the candles while praying for his family. He feels he has really killed Tej and ruined the family. He has changed a lot. Anika tries to inspire and give him courage. Anika finds him too broken. Shivay tells her that he can’t even face his beloved Dadi. She tells him that till she goes home, he can’t just sit imagining the family’s reactions, he can know the current situation only after going there.


A new storm comes in Roop’s life. Ishika gets mistaken about Roop. She gives her nod for marriage with Ranvir. Roop takes a pledge that he will either marry Ishika till Navratri’s end, but he will not let Ishika fall in a wrong relationship. Ishika and Ranvir’s Roka ceremony happens in front of Roop. Ranvir opposes Roop again and snatches Roop’s love.

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