Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar-Tevar’s special gift for Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar-Tevar's special gift for Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar-Tevar’s special gift for Kulfi.. Sikandar and Tevar have an argument over Kulfi. Tevar asks Sikandar why isn’t he accepting the truth. Sikandar tells him that he knows the entire truth about Lovely and his past relation and their daughter. He accepts Tevar as Kulfi’s father, being left with no option. He can’t let Tevar know that Amyra is his daughter. They turn into friends for Kulfi’s sake. Kulfi tells them that she has grown up and has to go school. She makes them promise that they will send her to school. They promise to get her school admission done soon. She gets glad by their friendship.

Sikandar apologizes to Kulfi for not thinking of this before, and not sending her to school. Sikandar wants to send her to school with Amyra. Sikandar and Tevar realize that they both love Kulfi, and nothing else matters.

Sikandar realizes that Tevar isn’t at fault, and he is also a victim in this case because of Lovely. He feels Lovely has been unfair with both of them, and lied to them. He accepts the truth and wants to bond with Tevar. They become friends like never before and plan a picnic with their daughters. Kulfi will get love from both her fathers. Sikandar will not know Kulfi’s father’s truth so soon.

Tevar gets Kulfi to Sikandar’s house for dinner. Kulfi stops at the lift and tells him that Sikandar has made her swear that she won’t come to his home. Tevar tells her that Sikandar has invited her. Sikandar learns about Kulfi not entering his house. He apologizes to her and takes her inside the house. He convinces her and enjoys the feast with Kulfi and Amyra. Lovely gets jealous seeing them. Kulfi sings a song on the dining table. Lovely can’t see them happy. She wants Kulfi and Tevar out of her life.

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