Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Shocking drama and a good news awaits….

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Shocking drama and a good news awaits…. Kartik and Naira get married again, with the family’s blessings and happiness. Naira collapses suddenly after Kartik fills the sindoor in her hairline. She gets tired by the marriage rituals. Everyone gets done by Naira’s wish. Naira fails to handle the tiredness. Naira’s condition gets worse. Kartik rushes Naira to the medical team. He then learns that the surgeon isn’t available for the much needed surgery. Kartik panics and asks the doctors to do something soon. He leaves Naira in the operation theatre and runs to reach the surgeon, who couldn’t reach the hospital because of the ongoing protest by the doctors’ association. Some people attack on the hospital to get it shut, adding to more problems for Naira and her family. The doctors worry for all the patients of the hospital, and can’t think for just one patient.

The doctors suggest to shut the hospital and support the association protest so that the patients’ don’t suffer because of the protest. Kartik demands the doctors to operate Naira. He reminds Naira’s doctor how much critical she is. He doesn’t want Naira to suffer more because of any hurdle coming in their way.

Kartik prays that the problem gets solved for them. Kirti also gets stressed about Naira, and falls sick in her pregnancy state. Naksh and family gets worried for Kirti as well. Naksh doesn’t want anything to happen to Naira or his child this time. Kartik and entire family members struggle to get the surgeon on time. The surgery gets too delayed, which starts breaking their hopes. Kartik stays firm and determined that Naira has to get fine.

Doctor tells Kartik about the problems posed by the strike and ask Goenkas to use all their contacts to stop the protest, so that the surgery can happen well. He reveals the entire matter to Kartik and asks for help. Kartik and Manish ask him to focus on surgery, and they will manage the protest. They promise that they won’t let anyone enter the hospital. The goons cut the power supply of the hospital. This creates a panic in the hospital.

Power is necessary for the medical machines to work. Kartik rushes to switch on the generator and gets into a fight with the goons. He switches on the generator and resumes the power supply. He gets saved from the goons. The ladies become the Gulabi Gang to fight with the protesting goons and stop them. The ladies beat the goons and stop them at the gate. They don’t let the goons enter the hospital. Kartik runs to save Naira by getting the surgeon Dr. Shah. Dadi tells the goons that women are not less than anyone, in terms of power, intelligence and courage. Dadi, Bhabhimaa, Rajshri and all the women of Singhania and Goenka families become a shield for Naira, so that Naira’s surgery completes with peace. Their hard work pays off. The show will be bringing new twists. Naira’s surgery will be performed successfully, bringing a new wave of happiness in both the families. A good news awaits Goenkas and Singhanias.

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