Ishqbaaz: A ray of positive hope reaches Shivay

Ishqbaaz: A ray of positive hope reaches Shivay

Ishqbaaz: A ray of positive hope reaches Shivay… Shivay unknowingly hurts Anika. He stays troubled by the bitter past. Anika doesn’t feel hurt and feels sympathy for Shivay. Shivay asks Anika to stay away from him, if she wants to be fine. He goes out to get some peace. He comes across drunken Priyanka, and gets a huge shock by her hatred. Priyanka loses herself because of her hatred. Her strange behavior breaks down Shivay. Priyanka scolds Shivay for ruining everything in their family. She calls Shivay a murderer. Omkara consoles Priyanka and takes her. Shivay doesn’t feel like staying at home. Anika finds him in pain. She supports him unconditionally. She wants to be with Shivay under any circumstances. Omkara questions Gauri regarding the phone call. Rudra too questions Bhavya about the late night call. Gauri and Bhavya secretly meet Anika and try to find some way to bring Obros together. Anika thanks them for the support.

Anika tells them that Shivay is still in trauma, and even his family’s hatred is not letting him get normal. Gauri and Bhavya lend support. They ask Anika to give some time to Shivay. Anika hopes that Shivay gets fine. Gauri and Bhavya apologize to her on their husbands’ behalf. Anika doesn’t feel bad of Omkara and Rudra’s words. Anika gets worried that Shivay didn’t return home. She asks Khanna to find Shivay. She wishes Shivay is fine. Shivay gets a positive word from a beggar, who counts his favors. Shivay gets some happiness when the man blesses him. He shares his sorrow with the man. He doesn’t have anything to give him. The beggar thanks him for all the donations. He involves Shivay in his celebrations. Shivay feels positive being with the poor community. He regrets for the bitterness that evolved in his family by Tej’s death. Anika and Khanna try to track Shivay.

Anika reaches Shivay and takes him home. The man asks Shivay to feel lucky to have a wife and family. He advises Shivay to celebrate what he has in his present, than crying for the past. Anika also feels positive by the incident. She wishes Shivay gets back his confidence and courage. She asks Shivay to be positive and joyful for whatever he has. Anika asks Shivay to promise him that he won’t leave this way. She asks him to share his thoughts. Shivay asks the reason for waiting for him. Anika tells him that she has done a wife’s duty and she loves him unconditionally. She is ready to accept any sorrow or problems as long as he is with her. She explains him that he would have not left her as well, if she was in this situation. She acts strong in front of him and really worries for his traumatic state. Shivay tries to help Dadi with the medicines, but Rudra creates a big scene to insult his elder brother.

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