Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer worries for Zara’s trauma

Ishq SubhanAllah

Ishq SubhanAllah: Kabeer worries for Zara’s trauma… Zara is upset with Kabeer. Zara feels if Kabeer is right, her love is also true, she will stay away from Kabeer. She decides to take Khula. Qazi tells Zara that she can’t opt for Khula without any reason, Kabeer didn’t do any crime. She faints after leaving from Shariah board. She walks on the burning coal while being in a trance over the argument. Kabeer lifts Zara and worries for her burnt get. Kabeer gets her home and takes care of her. When Zara gets fine, she tries to keep herself engaged. Zara cooks food and goes lost thinking about Kabeer. Her dupatta catches fire.

Kabeer reaches there and finds the fire. He rushes to save Zara from danger. Kabeer couldn’t give divorce to Ruksar or Zara. His wives have no reason for divorce. He worries for Zara and asks her if her hand is burnt. Kabeer and his mum ensure Zara’s well-being. Kabeer and Zara have an emotional moment. Kabeer dreams of reconciling with Zara. Ruksar enjoys the differences and fights between Kabeer and Zara. Ruksar stops Kabeer from going to Zara. She asks him to welcome her, than following Kabeer. She doesn’t want Kabeer to convince Zara.

Kabeer follows Ruksar. He finds her going somewhere secretly. He wants to know whom is Ruksar meeting. Ruksar plots against Kabeer and Zara again. Kabeer gets stressed for Zara’s health issues. He doesn’t want Zara to suffer more. Zeenat too gets worried for Zara. She didn’t wish Ruksar to ruin Zara’s life this way. Kabeer gets stuck in the big mess. He has married Ruksar to save her life, but she has forgotten his favour. Ruksar is troubling him. Zara is making Kabeer away while keeping her love for him. Kabeer doesn’t want Zara to part ways and know his motive for marrying Ruksar. Zara loses her senses because of the tensions.

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