Ishqbaaz: Shivay goes missing; Omkara-Rudra to seek revenge

Ishqbaaz: Shivay goes missing; Omkara-Rudra to seek revenge

Ishqbaaz: Shivay goes missing; Omkara-Rudra to seek revenge… Shivay gets condemned by the family again and again. He tries to help Dadi, but Rudra blocks him again. Rudra makes Dadi more against Shivay. Shivay’s helpful gesture gets ruined. He doesn’t want Dadi to bear the pain in anger. Rudra stops Shivay and calls him Tej’s murderer, who ruined their family. Shivay gets Tej’s insurance papers. He gets traumatized. Anika consoles him. Shivay tells her that he has killed Tej. Anika tells him that there is nothing on his hands. He finds his hands blood stained. She tells him that he is just thinking so because of guilt. Shivay asks her to leave him alone. Omkara and Rudra try to keep their business talks a secret from Shivay.

They don’t want Shivay’s presence around. Shivay gets insulted by his brothers again. Priyanka too ignores Shivay. Anika becomes Shivay’s strength. Anika wants the family to mend their ways. Omkara and Rudra want to appeal in court again and get Shivay punished. Anika reprimands them for ruining the house peace. Shivay feels bad and leaves the breakfast, so that his brothers dine well.

Omkara and Rudra decide to host the event and get the big contract, without involving Shivay in the event. Shivay holds fifty percent of the shares in the company. Anika wants Shivay to claim his rights and join the business again. She finds Shivay missing again. She looks for Shivay everywhere. Bhavya learns that Shivay is missing again. She tries to help Anika. Anika informs Gauri about Shivay as well. Gauri also assures that she will find Shivay. Anika hopes that Bhavya and Gauri help her find Shivay. Bhavya informs Gauri about Shivay’s location. Gauri reaches the park to find Shivay.

She finds Shivay there and calls up Anika there. Gauri tells Shivay that Anika is worried for him. She asks him to stay with family. She apologizes for hurting his heart. He tells her that he isn’t upset with anyone in the family. He is happy that she is sharing Omkara’s sorrow. Anika gets angry on Shivay for not informing her and leaving this way again. Gauri tells Shivay about the bonding of Oberoi bahus. Anika asks Shivay to join the business again. Shivay refuses to her. Omkara and Rudra want to ruin Shivay and exact revenge.

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