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Tonight On Star…Papa By Chance: Yuvaan gets Jinny on a dinner date. Jinny is also interested in him. He doesn’t have much money and gets her to some Dhaba. He welcomes Jinny to his lantern dinner. He tells Jinny that this place is better than restaurants. He hides about his poor status. He tells her that he likes the view of the Dhaba. She knows Yuvaan is very rich. She asks him why is he living at a small house, when he is so rich. She asks his story. He tells her that he is bored being rich, he wants to know poor people and their adventures of life. Yuvaan gets rude towards Amrit and lies about her in front of Jinny. Amrit gets angry on Yuvaan. She doesn’t like Yuvaan getting after Jinny. She turns jealous and realizes her feelings for Yuvaan. Amrit will soon admit her love for Yuvaan.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna gets mean-tongued and hurts Krishna. He asks Krishna to leave from his life forever. He tells her that he was madly in love with her before, but he isn’t after her now. He boasts of big things just like Shukla and stoops more in Krishna’s eyes. Krishna doesn’t care for his bitterness, and recollects his hearty love confession. Krishna helps Lali in diagnosing her critical illness. Radhe gets falling for Krishna once again. He gets drunk and visits Krishna’s house to confess his love. Radhe unintentionally hurts Krishna.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay:
Anurag finds Prerna crying. He gives her a handkerchief. He asks her to wipe her tears. He shares her pain. He realizes she is hiding something. She wipes her tears. He wants to know the truth. Anurag tells her that she can count on him, he won’t let her regret. She asks him not to interfere in her life. Navin suggests Komolika’s name to Mohini. He praises Komolika that she is extremely beautiful and one in a million. Mohini also wants someone stunningly pretty for Anurag. She asks Navin to invite Komolika home, so that they can take Anurag and Komolika’s marriage talk ahead.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira take up a big responsibility.. Suwarna regrets for her bad mistakes done in the past. She recollects her promise to Akshara. She wants to fulfill her promise and responsibility. She apologizes to Akshara once again. Singhanias carry out Naira’s Bidaai happily. Kartik also revives the love vows again. He promises to always take care of Naira. He tells everyone that he has earned enough experience to keep his wife happy in his second innings. He wants to fulfill all the vows which were left incomplete last time. He doesn’t want to leave Naira alone. He promises them that he will never ever break Naira’s trust. Manish thanks Naitik for returning his house’s Laxmi. Suwarna also welcomes Naira with a big heart. Everyone asks Kartik and Naira to stay happy together. Naksh hands over Naira’s medicines to Kartik and asks him to look after Naira.

Ishqbaaz: Shivay goes missing; Omkara-Rudra to seek revenge… Shivay gets condemned by the family again and again. He tries to help Dadi, but Rudra blocks him again. Rudra makes Dadi more against Shivay. Shivay’s helpful gesture gets ruined. He doesn’t want Dadi to bear the pain in anger. Rudra stops Shivay and calls him Tej’s murderer, who ruined their family. Shivay gets Tej’s insurance papers. He gets traumatized. Anika consoles him. Shivay tells her that he has killed Tej. Anika tells him that there is nothing on his hands. He finds his hands blood stained.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi to unveil the hidden secret… Sikandar teaches a lesson to the man at the Dhaba. He tells Tevar that he has got this idea from films. Amyra and Kulfi didn’t know Sikandar’s mischievous side. Tevar tells them that he wanted to become an engineer, but became a singer for his lover. He wanted to become a rich man for his lover. Kulfi tells Tevar about her mum. Sikandar fails to hear Nimrat’s name from Kulfi. Tevar feels sorry that he can’t tell Lovely’s truth to Kulfi. Sikandar also feels sorry to hide truth from Tevar and Kulfi. He asks them not to talk about mothers on the picnic, since they have to enjoy with their fathers. Lovely reaches the Dhaba to know about Sikandar and Tevar. She reaches late there. She gets stuck and pays the bill to the Dhaba owner. She demands to know about Sikandar.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New mystery around Ishita’s enemy… Aaliya surprises Ishita by asking for her bridal saree. She doesn’t want to wear any designer costly lahenga in her marriage. She tells Ishita that she wants to have a happy marriage like her, and maybe her saree brings luck for her. She asks Ruhi not to order the lahenga. Ishita tells Aaliya that good luck will be with her, because of Rohan’s love. Rohan comes to meet Aaliya. A man learns about Ishita and informs his boss. Rohan asks Raman if he can take Aaliya for shopping. Raman pulls his leg. Ishita, Aaliya and Ruhi laugh on Raman’s drama. Raman permits Rohan to take Aaliya on shopping. Ishita and Ruhi leave from home.

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