Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight

Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight

Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight… Dida waits for Mauli at home anxiously to know about the dinner date. Dida prays that Mauli and Kunal’s life comes on track. Mauli returns home and looks sorrowful. She cries in Dida’s lap. Kunal also comes home and tells Mauli that he wants to know, why is she fighting with Nandini. He scolds her for going to Nandini’s house and shouting on her. He says I m your culprit, I did wrong with you, she didn’t do wrong with you, I love Nandini, I don’t love you, shout on me, scold me. He asks what was the need to go to Nandini’s house, I want to know the reason. He says after you scolded Nandini, she left her house and now she isn’t answering my calls. He says you may have got peace now, if anything happens to Nandini, I will see you. Mauli asks him did he go mad, if Nandini everything for him, how can he threaten her for Nandini’s sake.

She says I didn’t scold Nandini, she didn’t even open the door, how would I insult her, don’t you have any place for me in your heart, I would have really scolded Nandini if she faced me. Kunal has realized that he loves Nandini, and doesn’t love Mauli now. He wants to move on with Nandini. Kunal breaks his relation with Mauli, because of Nandini again. He tells Mauli that there is no love and respect left in their relation now, everything got finished.

He wants to be loyal only to Nandini. He doesn’t want to ruin Mauli’s life. He ends Mauli’s chapter in his life and starts a new phase. He asks Mauli to move on in life. He doesn’t want to fight with Mauli to make their past relation ugly. The situation turns them into such bitter people. He doesn’t believe Mauli anymore. He is much angry on Mauli for stooping low. He wants to face everything alone and protect Nandini. Kunal and Mauli have a big argument. Mauli says Nandini was my friend, now she is my enemy, I used to trust her so much, I don’t want a friend like her, I will never forgive her. Kunal stops Mauli from speaking bad about Nandini. He asks her to curse him, not Nandini. He tells her that she will be responsible for Nandini’s pain. He says you have fallen in my sight completely today. Yamini angrily slaps Kunal to shut him up. Dida gets worried for their relationship. She was trying to unite them back, but loses hope seeing Kunal’s madness for Nandini. Kunal rushes out of the house to find Nandini. Will Kunal find Nandini? Keep reading.

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  1. Really hate two shameless people Kunal and Nandini. They should face the consequences of their betrayal some day so that they can realise their sin.These hypocrite should be out of Mauli life so that she can start her new life with dignity without these two besharam people around her.Mauli deserves much more in life than this.Hope serial makers will do justice to Mauli character


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