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Tonight On Star… Papa By Chance: Principal vents out anger on kids again. Yuvaan saves the kids. He finishes the kids’ homework. He tells the principal that kids were tired, and still completed notes on their own. Principal asks Yuvaan how did the kids finish the notes so soon. He checks the books and asks Yuvaan not to lie to him. He scolds Yuvaan for making chits for the kids. The kids are honest and didn’t do any cheating in the exams. Yuvaan tells the principal that kids can’t be punished if they aren’t wrong. Jinny comes to Yuvaan’s rescue. Jinny saves the kids from getting scolded.

She tells Yuvaan that the principal is her dad. She defends her sweet dad. Principal tells her that he won’t snatch any kid’s bright future. Yuvaan thanks Jinny for the help. Yuvaan gets washing machine home by his hard work. The machine gets delivered at home after the Dangal. Bela gets happy for Yuvaan’s first hard earned thing. Amrit also feels Yuvaan is changing for the sake of the kids. The kids love Yuvaan as their angel.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Kulfi to question about her real father.. Amyra teaches writing in Hindi to Kulfi. Kulfi writes Nimrat’s name as well. Lovely gets to see this and ruins that before Sikandar or Tevar see that. Kulfi recollects seeing Sikandar’s name on the chit. She looks for the shredded paper to read it again. She doesn’t get the chit and gets too worried. Amyra gets Sikandar and Tevar to show what Kulfi has written. They don’t get to see anything. Kulfi gets worried when the chit gets lost. She takes help from the girls. She asks the girl not to tell Sikandar and Tevar about the chit. Sikandar and Tevar look for the kids. Lovely hides from them in a miserable way.

Ishqbaaz: Anika to trigger Shivay’s trauma… Anika insists Shivay for carrying a phone for running his business, and also staying in contact. Shivay tells her that he won’t join the business, which is the reason for Tej’s death. He feels he has parted away with his family just because of the business. He tells her that he has finished completely, he can’t do anything in his life now. She encourages him. She tells him that there is nothing he can’t do. She asks him to vent out anger and become like before. She asks Shivay not to suppress his frustration within. He asks her to stop her kiddish ways. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya try to communicate in the kitchen. Anika gets cheered by them. They also suggest Anika to help Shivay by her unique ways. Omkara limits Gauri from talking to Anika.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: A big twist to reveal Goenkas’ past… Naira gets happy with everyone’s blessings and cute vows. She also makes a vow to them that she will always protect her family and their happiness. She wants to protect them from all the sorrows. She wants to keep the family united and determines to work hard. Suwarna and Manish ask Kartik to show the house changes to Naira. They want Naira to make the house like before. Naira feels much has changed in the house. She tells him that everything will become like before. Kartik takes Naira to their room and tells her how badly he was waiting for her. Akhilesh asks Surekha to finish the packing, so that they can leave. Surekha doesn’t feel ready for leaving the house. Manish and Suwarna get a shock on hearing their conversation. Kartik and Naira revive their old memories. They promise not to get apart and not let any problems crop in the family. They don’t want to repeat their old mistakes.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman gets suspicious of Ishita’s silence… Karan gets avoiding his ex and takes Ruhi’s help. He asks Ruhi to act like his girlfriend. Ruhi and Karan have a moment while in the act. Karan ignores his ex. He tells her that Ruhi is his girlfriend, he really loves her. Ruhi tells her that they are dating. Karan thanks Ruhi for all the help. Sudha sends a man to threaten Raman with the suicide drama. Raman asks him the motive of the drama. The man tells Raman that he has got ruined by investing in his company. Raman doesn’t understand the problem. The man wanted to tell Raman about the bankruptcy. Ishita and Romi come there on time and stop the man. Romi slaps him and sends him away. Ishita tries to help the man. The man tells her that he lost all the money. She asks him about the losses. He doesn’t want to reveal Sudha’s name. Ishita finds him suspicious and follows him.

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