Ramayan track in Yeh Rishta; Mahabharat continues in Ishqbaaz

Ramayan track in Yeh Rishta

Ramayan track in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik and Naira try to keep the family united. Though the problems aren’t known to them till then, they get hints that something is wrong in the family. Suwarna keeps a havan for Naira. The family celebrates Naira’s return and prays for the peace and harmony in relations. Kartik and Naira become the saviors for the family. They find the floral structure falling over, and run to hold it in time so that the family doesn’t get hurt. Kartik and Naira want to protect their family just like Ram and Sita. There will be Ramayan track in the show, where family division and clash of brothers will be seen. Kartik and Naira will try to keep the family united. Dadi fears for Kartik’s happiness getting at stake. Kartik and Naira gear up to face any odd thing for the sake of the family’s unity. Naira promises Kartik that she will always support him through life’s ups and downs.

Ishqbaaz: Anika gets angered when Shivay gets humiliated by his brothers again and again. She learns their planning to oust Shivay from the family business. Anika doesn’t care for the business, just like Shivay, but wants to make the business a medium for uniting the brothers again. She is sure that Shivay will win his brothers back if they give him another chance. She asks Shivay to get back in the business. She wants to see a confident and smart Shivay again. Shivay fears to hurt his brothers.

He tells her that he won’t be joining the business now. Anika encourages him to meet everyone at the company event and rejoin the business. She also prepares a speech for him. Omkara assures Rudra that they will be destroying Shivay completely. Omkara wants Rudra to defeat Shivay. They don’t understand that Shivay has tolerated so much in life just for their safe. The hatred goes on between the brothers.

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