Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika awaited in Prerna’s engagement

Kasautii Komolika returns in Anurag's life

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika awaited in Prerna’s engagement… Navin insists Prerna and takes her home. Prerna meets Mohini, who gifts her a costly saree for the engagement. Mohini asks Prerna to try the saree and check the fitting, if she needs any alterations. Prerna wears the saree and comes to Mohini. Anurag likes Prerna in the red saree. He wants to compliment her, but stops seeing Navin with Prerna. Navin compliments Prerna. Navin tells Mohini about Chobey’s rich status. He tells about Komolika, who is really beautiful and smart. Mohini keeps a saree for Komolika as well. She wants to meet Komolika and see if she is suitable for Anurag. She asks Navin to invite Chobey family in the engagement party. She wants to match Anurag and Komolika.

Nivedita gets jealous of Anurag, as he has got the project from her. He understands that she is hurt by Moloy’s decision. He gives the project to Nivedita and tells her that he can never compete with her. He pays respect to Nivedita and pleases her heart. Anurag hugs his sisters. Prerna sees his sacrifice and smiles. She starts liking Anurag’s persona. Mohini praises her sweet and simple son. She wants the best wife for Anurag. She waits for Komolika in the engagement party. Navin tells Prerna that they look good together. He gets flirting with her. Anurag finds her getting uneasy. Anurag wants to crack Prerna’s mystery.

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