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High Five Telly Spoilers.. Muskaan:
Ronak and Muskaan get stuck in the jungle. Ronak doesn’t want Muskaan to get found by the brothel goons. Ronak gets chased by the police. Police arrests Ronak, when Muskaan shouts to police for help. Muskaan seeks help and wants to go home for Aarti’s home. Ronak beats the cops and manages to run away again. He takes along Muskaan. Sir ji hires a sharp shooter Bablu to kill Ronak. He wants Muskaan back at any cost. Bablu also follows Ronak and Muskaan, but with a different motive. He wants to kill Ronak and drag Muskaan back to the brothel. Ronak secures Muskaan and his friend too.


Zoya confronts Anjana for stooping so low and risking lives of so many people. Aditya gets upset with Zoya for accusing his mother. He tells Zoya that they all know Anjana very well and trust her, she can never do wrong with anyone. He says even if my mother hates you, she can’t risk anyone’s life by such a plan. Anjana gets worried by Zoya’s blames. Zoya swears to Aditya that she has gathered evidences against Anjana and each of her word is true.

Shocking in Silsila: Kunal and Mauli to have an ugly fight… Dida waits for Mauli at home anxiously to know about the dinner date. Dida prays that Mauli and Kunal’s life comes on track. Mauli returns home and looks sorrowful. She cries in Dida’s lap. Kunal also comes home and tells Mauli that he wants to know, why is she fighting with Nandini. He scolds her for going to Nandini’s house and shouting on her. He says I m your culprit, I did wrong with you, she didn’t do wrong with you, I love Nandini, I don’t love you, shout on me, scold me. He asks what was the need to go to Nandini’s house, I want to know the reason.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Vedika learns Nisha’s evil truth. She tries to tell the truth to the family members. Nisha stops her, and herself reveals her true powers. Nisha makes an entry while displaying the evil powers to scare Vedika. She threatens to kill Sahil. Bhoomi begs Vedika not to tell any truth to Sahil. Vedika tells Bhoomi that everyone has a right to know the truth. Bhoomi admits that she already knew the truth and had hidden it for a purpose. Vedika angrily slaps her for being so selfish and risking everyone’s lives.

Kundali Bhagya:
Shrishti goes close to find Monisha’s truth. She confronts Monisha over her boyfriend. Monisha reprimands Shrishti. She doesn’t reveal anything. Shrishti tries to show Monisha her real place. They have a cat fight. Karan, Preeta and Rishabh reach there on time to stop Shrishti from falling in Monisha’s plans.

Perfect Pati: Pushkar to take revenge on Maasa-Rangeela… Pushkar confronts Maasa for her evil planning of bride swapping. He asks her how dare she try to kidnap Vidhi and get her married against her will with Rangeela. He tells her that she can’t change the destiny, and now she has to accept that Bela’s destiny is connected to Rangeela. He asks her to send Bela with her groom Rangeela. Maasa refuses to him. She feels sorry for her mistake. Pushkar tells her that he really wants to see how Bela pays for her mistakes. He tells Maasa that Rangeela will take Bela with him according to the marriage customs. Maasa gets worried. She doesn’t want to ruin Bela’s life.

Internet Wala Love:
Jai turns jealous when he finds Samrat and Aadhya close. Samrat and Aadhya dance in their engagement party. Jai also performs for the sake of his family. He gets into a moment with Aadhya. Jai doesn’t want Aadhya to marry Samrat. He wonders what is he feeling for Aadhya. He makes Samrat away from Aadhya, by making a drink fall on his clothes. Samrat understands Jai’s jealousy. He pulls Aadhya closer and dances with her to make Jai more angry. Jai then tries to divert his mind. Aadhya feels uncomfortable with Samrat.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan’s Bahus deck her up for the wedding night. Guddan knows how to tackle everyone. She climbs up the cupboard so that Akshat stays away. Akshat looks for Guddan and asks her what is she doing there. She refuses to get down. She wants him to stay away. He clears her misunderstanding. He tells her that he isn’t interested in her. Guddan gets scared of him. Akshat becomes the target of his bahu’s planning. The bahus want to know if Akshat and Guddan’s relation is real or namesake. They have put Akshat and Guddan in this situation, and lied as well. Guddan wants to avoid Akshat. Akshat convinces her to get down the cupboard. Guddan falls down. Akshat saves her by support. He holds Guddan and sends her.

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