Silsila: Rajdeep to kidnap-torture Nandini

Silsila: Rajdeep to plot Nandini's character assassination

Silsila: Rajdeep to kidnap-torture Nandini… Nandini decides to leave from Kunal’s life. She leaves from the house. Rajdeep spots her and takes advantage of the situation. He kidnaps Nandini and takes her to a godown. He tells her that she has punished everyone around. He scolds her for punishing her husband, friend and lover too. He asks if she won’t get punished. He tells her that he will be punishing her. He tortures Nandini. He threatens of killing her. He gets the kerosene oil and pours around her. He tells her that he will ignite the fire and burn her alive. On the other hand, Mauli regrets for the misunderstanding that has turned her relation with Kunal much ugly. After the argument, Mauli goes to her room and angrily breaks the mirror.

She recollects Kunal’s madness for Nandini. She feels much humiliated that Kunal is blaming her for Nandini’s sorrow. She feels he has nothing for her in his heart, he has rejected her again. Mauli feel sorry for herself. She sheds tears. Dida and Yamini console Mauli an ask her to tell Kunal about the pregnancy. They believe that Kunal will return for the sake of the child. Mauli gets blank. She doesn’t want to reveal her pregnancy to Kunal. She lets Kunal move on with Nandini. She wants to decide about the child alone.

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