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Ishqbaaz: Anika convinces Shivay to get dressed up like before, by hiding all the plan clothes. She takes him in the event, so that he delivers the speech. Rudra burns the speech paper and wants to stop Shivay from the event. Anika tells Shivay that the employees whom he regards as his family, really needs a motivation from him. She persuades him into addressing the office staff with confidence. Shivay attends the event and also surpasses his brothers in everything once again.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep gets his mum home from the hospital. He loves his mum a lot. He gets a guard for her security. He is scared of Tara. His mum has no idea about Tara’s truth. She asks Deep to give her a promise that he will always take care of Tara. He gets compelled to hide the tensions from her. He promises his mum. Tara takes advantage of Deep’s silence. She does an emotional drama by a fake story. Deep knows Tara’s evil very well. Aarohi gets trained by Abhimanyu. She takes self defense classes from him. He first tests her to know her mental and physical strength. He checks her patience level by giving her tough tasks. Aarohi passes in the tests.


The new enemy determines to ruin Aditya and Zoya’s marriage. Aditya doesn’t question his mum over the happenings. He tells Zoya that Anjana will never back stab them, its not her nature to cheat people. He defends his mother. There will be new entries in Zoya’s life. The enemy employs Zoya for breaking the family. Zoya understands the enemy’s plan to use her against the family. She doesn’t want the relations to turn bitter by her false accusations. She realizes that Anjana is innocent, and someone has intentionally misled her. She determines to unveil the enemy.

Kaleerein: Police arrives at Meera’s house to question Tulika over the doctor’s murder. Meera gets into Tulika’s magic. She feels Tulika is innocent and defends her. Meera feels Tulika can’t kill anyone. She handles the police. Tulika gets tensed and gives her fingerprints for tests.

Yeh Rishta: Akhilesh to keep a worse condition.. Akhilesh doesn’t deter from his move, even after seeing many bad omens. Surekha tries to convince him for not asking for the house and property division. Akhilesh feels like an undervalued person in the fmily. His frustration gets higher in the havan, when Kartik and Naira steal all the limelight. Akhilesh wants to get some of the attention and respect in the family. He tells the family that he has tolerated enough since many decades, and now he wants his share in Goenka business and property. He shockingly asks for the house division as well, which no one expected to happen.

Jiji Maa:
Falguni learns that Piyali is fooling Suyash and also has Sheikh in her plans. She gets spying on Piyali and Sheikh in their absence. She checks their rooms. She gets a big shock on seeing the disguise accessories in Sheikh’s room. She wonders who is the Sheikh and why is he living with them in disguise. She wants to know the enemy, so that she can counter him. Falguni gets close to learn Uttara’s identity.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi likes Pancham and doesn’t leave a chance to flirt with him. They have a cute romantic moment, on their way to home. When she injected him truth serum, he has confessed love to her. Pancham tells her that he loves her a lot. He learns that he has told his feelings to her. He feels embarrassed. She apologizes to him for injecting the truth serum. She tells him that she has finally learnt his hidden feelings. She also confesses love to Pancham. Their love story begins.

Chakor and Anjor’s terms begin to spoil. Chakor wants to convince Anjor that she has told such worse things as per the situation’s demands. Anjor tells Chakor that she didn’t wish to die like her friend Tuntun. Anjor gets angry on Chakor and gets hurting her. Chakor slaps Anjor in anger. She doesn’t want her daughter to lose her manners. Vikram takes advantage of the situation. He begins to manipulate Anjor more so that Anjor hates Chakor. Chakor tells Suraj that she loves Anjor a lot, and seeing Anjor’s behavior changing, she is afraid. She doesn’t want to lose Anjor. Vikram shoulders Anjor in sorrow and instigates her more against the family. He wants to take revenge from Suraj and Chakor by acting as a friend.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan’s parents reach Akshat’s house. The bahus insult Guddan’s parents a lot. Guddan witnesses this humiliation. The bahus call the gifts cheap and useless. They make sure that Guddan gets upset. Guddan takes a stand for her parents’ respect. Guddan bears the taunts from them. The bahus return the gifts to Guddan’s mother. Guddan gives them a good answer. The bahus also give the sweets to the servant. Guddan wants to teach them a lesson.

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