Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita risks all to save Raman’s dreams

Raman asks the NGO women to stop the protest

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita risks all to save Raman’s dreams… Ishita gets threatened by Sudha. She calls up Romi to ask him to buy all the shares. Romi struggles to arrange the money. He doesn’t even get any loan. He feels Sudha has ruined them. Sudha wants to buy all the shares so that she gets control of Bhalla company. She asks her aide to find the names of all the share holders and contact them for the deals. She is ready to pay any amount to destroy Bhalla family. She wants Raman to be finished, so that he commits suicide, just like Rajat. Kaushalya meets Bhallas. Ishita forgets to get gifts for them. Mani gets the gifts in time and relieves her. Aaliya and Rohan’s marriage date gets fixed. Kaushalya asks them for an early mahurat because of her health issues. The family decides to keep the marriage after six months.

Kaushalya accepts the mahurat. Raman observes Romi and Ishita’s secret talk and wonders what’s the problem. Raman follows them to know the problem. Romi tells Ishita that he couldn’t arrange money. Ishita doesn’t want Sudha to win. Sudha constantly troubles Ishita and discourages her so that Ishita loses out before trying.

Ishita insults Sudha and challenges her. She wants to save the company. Ishita hands over her jewelry to Romi, and asks him to just sell it off. He refuses to this, but Ishita tells him that he has to do this. She asks him to be practical, they can buy jewelry after saving Raman’s reputation. She convinces Romi and hands over the jewelry to him. Raman asks them what are they doing, when Kaushalya is waiting. She lies to him about sending the jewelry for polishing. Raman asks Ishita if she is lying. She tells him that she isn’t lying. She doesn’t share anything with him. He senses the problems and wants to find out the matter. He gets more worried because of her secrecy.

Someone spies on Ishita all the while. Romi arranges the money and stops Sudha from buying the shares. Sudha fails to get the shares. Romi tells her that he won’t let her succeed in ruining Raman’s dreams. Romi informs Ishita that he has got the shares. She congratulates him and gets happy. Romi gets the shares on Ishita’s name. He insults Sudha. Sudha gets challenged by Ishita again. Ishita tells her that she can do anything to save her family. Sudha gets raging at Ishita and Romi. She pledges to break down Ishita first, since Ishita is the shield of Bhalla family. Romi asks Sudha to try harder.

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