Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Twists in Navratri celebrations

Today Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unthinkable Discovery

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Twists in Navratri celebrations… Bhalla family celebrate Navratri and keep Kanya pujan. The family is happy for Aaliya’s new start. They prepare for Kanya Pujan. Everyone gets dressed in red clothes on the last day of Navratri. The family congratulates Aaliya for the wedding date fixing. Aaliya tells them that she is waiting for Rohan. She wears the dress gifted by Rohan. She shares her happiness. Everyone finds her happy. Ishita gifts her jewelry. Ruhi teases Aaliya and compliments her look. Rohan comes to grace the function with his family. Kaushalya tells them that Rohan insisted us to come and witness the Kanya pujan. Mrs. Bhalla and Ishita welcome them.

Rohan’s family also helps in Kanya Pujan and give gifts to the girls. Rohan and Aaliya give the gifts to the girls and take their blessings for the new start. The girl asks Rohan what will she do of the gold coin, its not necessary for them.

Ishita gives the gold coins to the girls. She tells them that buying gold isn’t good, much hard work is needed, Rohan worked hard to get the gold coins for them. She tells them that gold coins are important, they can save it for future. She makes the girls accept the gold coins from Rohan’s side. Everyone gets impressed with Ishita’s speech. Raman and Ishita complete the rituals.

Navratri unites the families. Ishita wants Mata Rani’s blessings to always be on her family. Mrs. Bhalla does tilak to Rohan. Rohan’s pet dog also becomes a part of family. Aaliya gets thankful to the Bhallas for giving her so much love. Raman and Ishita are very happy seeing the house colorful and joyful. They wish this always stays the same. Ishita has much devotion. She is sure that the family’s happiness will be retained, and Sudha can’t ruin their family peace.

Ishita is handling the business problems and fighting with Sudha all alone. Sudha plans to break the news of bankruptcy to Raman and entire Bhalla family to ruin their happiness. She arrives home to spoil their celebrations. Ishita tries to stop Sudha from spreading the bad news.

Kaushalya’s health gets critical. She asks Bhallas to prepone Rohan and Aaliya’s marriage. Bhallas have seen Kaushalya’s state. Kaushalya tells them that its her last wish to see Rohan and Aaliya’s marriage before dying. She is battling with cancer. Rohan gets worried for his mother. Aaliya shoulders him in sorrow and tells him that she will look after Kaushalya. Ishita considers Kaushalya’s wish and keeps the marriage early.

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