Aapke Aa Jane Se: Sahil-Vedika unite to save Ved’s life

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika and Sahil's happy union finally

Bhoomi wants to commit suicide. Vedika and Sahil break into the room and stop Bhoomi in right time. Bhoomi blames Vedika for ruining her life. She tells Sahil that she can’t tolerate Vedika. She doesn’t want Sahil and Vedika to marry and have a child, for saving Ved’s life. Vedika tells Bhoomi that Ved needs a bone marrow transplant. Vedika explains Bhoomi the need for the marriage. Sahil and Vedika decided to marry for Ved’s sake, so that they can face all the problems. They want to just secure their son first.

Vedika tells Bhoomi that she didn’t think of hurting her ever, she is indebted to her for raising Ved with love. Bhoomi calls her a cheap character woman. She questions Vedika for having an affair with Sahil. Vedika stops Bhoomi from blaming her further. She doesn’t want to hear bitter things. She limits Bhoomi’s verbal abuse. She asks Bhoomi not to say nonsense. She tells Bhoomi that a doctor has suggested them for having another child to save Ved. She gets worried seeing Sahil in shock. She wants Sahil to support her. Vedika tells Bhoomi that they have no other way to save Vedika. Vedika was prepared to face Bhoomi’s anger. She is ready to face the society’s taunts. She tells Bhoomi that she is struggling to save her son.

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