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Know Upcoming On Star Plus… Ishqbaaz: Shivay gets upset after the ugly fight. Omkara also feels upset. He calls Anika for the aid. Rudra finds Bhavya upset with him. He goes to help himself. Omkara can’t believe what Rudra has done with his elder brothers. He doesn’t see Gauri anywhere. He sees Rudra in the kitchen. The brothers meet in the kitchen. Shivay scolds Rudra for raising hand on his brothers. He also apologizes as he has also done the same thing. Due to the incident, they feel ashamed to talk to Dadi. Shivay asks Rudra to talk to him and let him help. Rudra gets adamant and ignores him. Rudra gets his hand burnt in the kitchen. Shivay and Omkara run to help him. They have a bond like before and get emotional. They feel sorry for their changed terms. The distance grows between them.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita faces another shocker… Bhallas go for the pre-wedding dinner. Ishita and Romi stay stressed about the expenses. They look for Raman. Rohan and Karan join everyone for the dinner. They get Kaushalya along and surprise Aaliya. Kaushalya tells them how excited she is for her son’s wedding. Raman joins them late. He asks them to enjoy the dinner and not have anything on mind. The family members share their feelings for each other. Rohan tells Kaushaya that he loves her immensely and he is proud to be her son. He feels blessed to have a selfless mum like her. He also sings praises of Aaliya. Everyone finds Rohan the best match for Aaliya. Aaliya speaks about the great Bhallas. She feels lucky that Raman and Ishita are so supportive of her. She tells them that she loves them a lot.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Amyra’s surprise for Kulfi gets a twist… Amyra and Tevar make a plan to cheer up Kulfi. They plan a surprise for Kulfi. Amyra calls Tevar home. She tells Lovely that she invited Tevar and Kulfi home. Lovely gets worried seeing Kulfi’s influence on Amyra. Sikandar sees a big change in Amyra because of Kulfi. He thinks Amyra is learning good habits from Kulfi. He wishes they always stay together. Sikandar hugs Amyra happily. He gets upset with Lovely. Lovely argues with Sikandar over teaching wrong things to Amyra. He thinks its useless to talk to her.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Manish and Dadi to get traumatized Kartik and Naira make prayers to Mata Rani that their house doesn’t break. They want to do the visarjan once the house unites well. Akhilesh feels emotional when his brother gifts him the expensive car. Surekha invites Samarth to the pandal for Dushehra. He readily agrees since he has a plan in his mind. Moreover, he wants to take revenge on Manish and Dadi, who had ousted him from the family. Meanwhile, Kartik and Naira carry out the arrangements in the pandal. They romance while doing their work. In contrast, Dadi and Manish have a talk regarding the festive. They have different opinions about joining Akhilesh’s pandal for celebrations. Akhilesh asks his sons to leave the skits. Lav and Kush want to celebrate Dushehra with Kartik and Naira. Akhilesh organizes Raavan Dahan.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna tells Radhe about Shukla’s misdeed. He doesn’t believe her and wants to confirm this with Shukla. He stops him and tells him that he will be responsible for Lali’s condition. Radhe tells Krishna that they won’t go to police station. Krishna explains him the urgency of the situation. Radhe takes her to Saajan so that they can track the mobile number and reach the location. Saajan agrees to help them for saving Lali. He gets happy that Krishna has returned in Radhe’s life. He was praying for their union.

Saajan gets the information about the location by tracking the cab driver. The driver takes them to the hospital, where Lali is captive. Krishna asks Radhe and Gajanan to deal with the goons smartly. She doesn’t want anyone of them to fall in trouble. Krishna and gang get caught by the goons. Gajanan and Radhe bravely fight with the goons to save their wives. Radhe sees Lali in a bad state and realizes Shukla’s big crime. He decides not to forgive Shukla this time.

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