TRENDING: Samarth Goenka YRKKH, Double trouble YHM

Samarth Goenka YRKKH, Double trouble YHM

Samarth Goenka enters in YRKKH…
The Goenkas get united for the Raavan Dahan. Akhilesh guides Kartik to burn the Raavan. He shows Kartik how to hold the bow. Kartik shoots the arrow and burns the Raavan effigy. Naira does the puja and stays by Kartik’s side. Goenkas celebrate Dushehra. Akhilesh becomes a part of the celebrations on Kartik and Naira’s request. He has other plans on his mind. He gets his brother Samarth in the festive celebrations. Kartik tells Naira that he will burn every Raavan from their lives. Kartik tells Lav and Kush that they have to bring Manish and Akhilesh together. Samarth arrives in the celebrations. His entry shocks Dadi the most.

Dadi didn’t wish her truth to come out. Manish finds Singhanias watching and gets worried. He tries to take Samarth away. Samarth announces an open war with the Goenkas. He doesn’t get scared of anyone. He knows there will be many people from the family who would stand by Dadi and Manish, but he is enough for all of them alone. Samarth’s entry makes Kartik curious to know about the past hidden from everyone until now. Furthermore, Kartik wants to analyse the cause of tensions between Manish and Akhilesh.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Aaliya’s mehendi ceremony brings happiness in Bhalla family. There is a big drama in between the celebrations. Raman has given a grand surprise to Aaliya. Ishita is also happy for Aaliya. Raman gets tension because of the goons, who break in to ruin the celebrations. Some goons come there to find Raman. They misbehave with everyone. Romi asks them what do they want. Goon asks him to call Raman Bhalla. He says Raman has invited us, we are his guests, he has taken a big loan from us, we have come to take interest.

Ishita asks them to leave and not spoil the function. Romi tells them that Ishita is Raman’s wife. Goon says Raman didn’t tell us that his wife is so beautiful and bitter-tongued. She asks him to stay away from the family. Goons refuses to leave without meeting Raman. Raman doesn’t answer the call. Goons laugh that Raman is scared of them. Romi wants to fight with them. There are many troubles coming in Bhalla’s family.

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