Udaan: Karwachauth Special union for Suraj-Chakor

Huge drama ahead in Udaan and Roop

Udaan: Karwachauth Special union for Suraj-Chakor.. Chakor fails to rescue Suraj from Rajeshwari’s clutches. She kidnaps Vikram when he tries to kidnap her. Chakor drags him home. She makes a call to Rajeshwari and swears of killing Vikram if Suraj gets harmed. She asks Rajeshwari to release Suraj if she wants her son back. She tells Rajeshwari that she will use the white saree gifted by her for wrapping him dead Vikram. Chakor expects that her threatening will affect Rajeshwari. She hopes that Rajeshwari leaves Suraj free. Chakor imagines Suraj everywhere. She gets happy when she sees him. She talks to him happily. Suraj tells her that he will never go away from her. Anjor is upset with Suraj isn’t with them. Chakor feels happy that Anjor is changing towards her.

She tells Anjor that Suraj will soon come back to them. Chakor asks Anjor to support her parents in the big fight. She puts Anjor to sleep and talks to her. She lightens her heart. Anjor forgives her.

Udaan twists

Chakor has a belief that Suraj will surely come home and break her Karwachauth fast. Chakor gets decked up for celebrating Karwachauth. She attends the guests and waits for Suraj. Ishika, Mauli and Soumya meet Chakor in the ceremony. They encourage Chakor and ask her to always be hopeful. They try to help Chakor. Mauli performs on a song with Chakor.

Mauli tells Chakor that there is much strength in their sindoor, the Karwachauth fast kept by devotion will get Suraj back. She lessens Chakor’s pain. She also shares her pain regarding her breaking marriage. Inspector supports Chakor in finding Suraj. He takes a servant’s disguise and stays around in the haveli so that he can nab Suraj’s kidnappers. Chakor tells him that they have to get proof against Rajeshwari. Mauli tells Chakor that her Karwachauth fast will certainly get fulfilled.

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