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High Five Telly Spoilers: Udaan: Suraj runs away from Vikram’s clutches. He wants to leave from Rajeshwari’s house. He hides from Rajehswari and Bacha Pandey. He overhears their conversation. He finds them too engaged in their matter and rushes away from there. He doesn’t want to get caught by the guards. He silently escapes. He heads to home to meet Chakor and fulfill her Karwachauth fast. Chakor challenges Rajeshwari that she will open her fast with Suraj. Chakor wants to find Suraj. She has a belief that Suraj to come to break her Karwachauth fast. Suraj gets caught by Rajeshwari’s goons. He fights with them. Chakor waits for Suraj and doesn’t break her Karwachauth fast on everyone’s insistence. Chakor gets praying that her husband stays unharmed.

Ishq Mein Marjawa Abhimanyu is trying his best to help Aarohi. He has become her Guru and guides her for taking revenge. Aarohi returns to the house as Manpreet. Aarohi and Deep get intoxicated. They have a moment of romance. Abhimanyu trains Aarohi. He suggests Aarohi to cut down Deep’s strengths by taking away his weapons. Aarohi tries to get the gun from Deep’s room. Deep finds her spying and asks her what is she doing. Aarohi makes a clever excuse. He doesn’t know that Manpreet is Aarohi. He dislikes her and gets bad vibes with her. He wants to know why is she interfering much in her personal life. Deep thinks why is he feeling for Manpreet. He doesn’t realize that she is Aarohi. Aarohi gets spoiling things, and hurts Deep unknowingly.


Sir ji and his goons catch Ronak, Hanumanth and Muskaan. Sir ji tells Muskaan that its not easy to get rid of her background. He forcibly takes her along, and instructs his goons to kill those two guys, who acted as Muskaan’s saviors. He then learns that one of the guy is his own son Ronak Singh. Muskaan asks Ronak to run away before Sir ji shoots him down. She doesn’t want Ronak to die for her sake. Ronak always wants to secure Muskaan since he was in love with her. He gets a huge shock knowing Sir ji the brothel owner, who ruined Muskaan and Aarti’s lives. He learns about Sir ji’s crimes and feels ashamed. There is a huge confrontation between father and son.

Roop takes a disguise and meets Ishika. He becomes the mehendi artist for her. He applies her mehendi, and gets dreaming about her. Roop and Ishika get romancing in his dream. Roop wishes Ishika realizes his love and goodness. He wants to stop her marriage with Ranvir. He swears of always loving her and supporting her. He respects Ishika a lot. He doesn’t want to oppose her decisions. He just wishes she realizes the truth and refuses to marry Ranvir on her own.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Dadi punishes Shweta and slaps her, after knowing her huge mistake of attempting to kill Guddan. Shweta gets exposed. She tells Dadi that Guddan did wrong with her and married Akshat by cheat. She wanted to do the same. She repents for her crime and apologizes to Dadi. Dadi asks her to apologize to Guddan. Shweta’s plan fails completely. She wishes to get Akshat back. She gets support from the three Bahus. Guddan gets sympathy from Dadi and Akshat. Dadi loves Guddan a lot.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Sahil and Vedika decide to get married for the sake of saving Ved. Manjula asks them to get married soon, if they have a child without marriage, the child will be called illegitimate. Manjula scolds Vedika for her decision. She understands the tough situation. She gives sindoor box to Sahil and asks him to marry Vedika. Sahil and Vedika understand Manjula’s concern and agree to her. Sahil doesn’t want the society to defame Vedika. He gets worried for Bhoomi’s reaction on the marriage. Bhoomi acts great just like Vedika and asks Sahil to go ahead with the marriage.

Kumkum Bhagya:

Tanu raises questions on Pragya’s character. She tells Pragya that she knows very well about Abhi and her. She tells her that everyone will question her marriage. She asks Pragya to answer everyone when her truth comes out. She taunts Pragya for having an affair with Abhi. She tells Pragya that Abhi isn’t her husband now. She asks Pragya not to get close to Abhi. She wants to defame Pragya in the party. She promises to make it tough for Pragya.

Tulika compels Meera to come to her cave. She possesses Meera by her evil powers. She commands Meera to kill Vivaan. He comes to the cave to save Meera from Tulika’s trap. Vivaan tries to defend the attacks. Meera stabs Vivaan. He falls unconscious. Meera gets rid of the evil power and then senses what she has done. She cries for Vivaan and asks him to get up. She wants Vivaan to get fine. She hurriedly takes him for the aid. Tulika creates hurdles for Meera. She doesn’t want Vivaan to get a new life. Tulika makes Meera fall in danger. She gets confident of her evil powers to get victory for her.

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