Simple Precautions for Smart phone users


Smart phones have become an important part of our life as they are a powerful source of information. They have certainly made our lives easier in a number of ways. However, it has come with many limitations. The drawbacks of smart phones usage are playing the dangerous role in our lives. We are getting addicted to it leading to many health hazards and psychological issues. It is also confirmed by the doctors that using smart phones late at night can affect your body, mind, ears and eyes. It will make complete or partial damage to your eyes. We don’t have to addict ourselves to smart phones, but get benefited with its moderate use rather than exploited with excessive use.

Simple Precautions to be taken at night:

1. Don’t use cell phone at the time of sleeping.
2. Don’t keep your smart phone under the pillow or near your bed.
3. Always switch off the wifi or internet connectivity at sleeping time.
4. Don’t use smart phone between the sleep at late night.

Harmful effects of using smart phone:

1. Skin Diseases: Those who spend more time in taking selfies are prone to Wrinkles at an early age.
2. Lack of sleep: Teenagers finds really hard to sleep at night. They keep on checking their phones under the pillows. A good sleep at night is needed for a healthy brain and body.
3. Leaving relationships behind: People keep on checking their smart phones every 5 minutes even with friends or family. This leads to lack of connectivity and importance of relationship as they get much involved in their mobile world.

4. Damage your eyes: Spending hours looking at your smart phone can damage your eyes that can lead to blurred vision, tired eyes, dizziness, migraine and even blindness.
5. Neck pain: Looking over the mobile phones for hours at a stretch can lead to severe neck pain. It is always advisable to use smart phone for a short time.


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