Upcoming twists in Kumkum Bhagya and Kundali Bhagya

Kumkum Bhagya Pragya recollects King's love

Kumkum Bhagya: King sees Pragya mingling with Abhi’s family. He thinks Pragya connects with everyone instantly and makes the person love her. Abhi also sees Pragya talking to Suwarni Dadi. King asks Abhi if he has seen a girl like Pragya ever. Abhi replies to him to leave that if he saw or not, but understand one thing that there will be no girl like her and will never be. He says there will be no other Pragya or no other Abhishek Prem Mehra. King gets surprised and confused thinking why Abhi is taking his name with Pragya.

He ignores his confusion though and shows faith in Pragya. He thinks Pragya is a nice girl and anyone would want her in his life. He is in love with Pragya and decides to propose her before anyone else does. King proposes Pragya for marriage, which shocks the latter. He waits for Pragya’s reply to his proposal.

Kundali Bhagya:

Sherlyn sees Ritwik and Karan shaking hand with each other and get shocked. She thinks this was cooking in Luthra house. She doubts on Ritwik for helping Karan. Ritwik gets assurance from Karan indirectly that he will not do anything against Monisha if she backs off from their alliance. Karan and Preeto want Monisha to accept that Ritwik is her boyfriend. Karan gives a hint to Ritwik that Monisha will not be harmed if she refuses an alliance with him. Ritwik thinks to inform Monisha. Sherlyn informs Prithvi about seeing Karan and Ritwik together on the road.

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Bhoomi is getting mad in anger over Vedika and Sahil’s closeness. Bhoomi plays this game. She tells Sahil that she wants Ved back. She doesn’t care if Sahil settles with Vedika and their coming child. She asks Sahil and Vedika to let anything happen to Ved, she doesn’t care but want him back. Vedika slaps Bhoomi. She asks her what kind of mother is she, that she doesn’t care for Ved’s life. Vedika gets the video of the attack on Gauri. Vedika gets kidnapped.


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