High Five Spoilers YHM, Ishqbaaz and more

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High Five Spoilers YHM and more: Ishita gets into a battle against inter-caste issues. She supports the lovers from two different castes. The goons beat up the guy Kartik, who is in love with Neelam. The goons separate the lovers, and try to take them away. Ishita chases them and manages to stop the goons. She tells the goons that she will call the police. She threatens them. She asks the goons to free Kartik and Neelam. The goon denies to know anything. Ishita tells him that she has evidence against him. He refuses to know Kartik and Neelam. Ishita barges inside the place to know about the lovers. Ishita takes a stand for the lovers against inter caste problem.


Zoya understands that Anjana is the culprit. She doesn’t want to decide any punishment for Anjana. She gets disturbed that Anjana has hidden a big truth from her. Aditya also shatters with this truth coming out suddenly. Aditya supports Anjana and forgives her, since he is the reason for Anjana’s crime. Anjana reasons out why she has committed the crime. Aditya stands by his mother.

Anika, Gauri and Bhavya prepare for their Karwachauth in Ishqbaaz.

Anika awaits Shivay. The Obahus take a rocking avatar to impress their husbands. Shivay hands over divorce papers to Anika. Anika is in much tension. She decides to leave the house. Gauri and Bhavya don’t want Shivay and Anika to get separated. They stop Anika from leaving. They ask Anika not to leave her rights on Shivay like this. They insist Anika to stay back and fulfill the rituals. Omkara and Rudra gift jewelry to Gauri and Bhavya on Karwachauth. They have fun in the celebrations.


Mauli prepares for her Karwachauth fast. She tells Dida that she is very happy with Kunal’s return. Dida and Yamini give the Sargi to Mauli. Mauli feels everything is getting right in her life. Kunal sees some girl and assumes her to be Nandini. Kunal goes to see her. He gets disappointed on seeing someone else. He gets away and sheds tears. Mauli gets Kunal’s name mehendi on Karwachauth. Mauli asks Kunal to help her tie her loose hair, since her hands have mehendi applied. Kunal helps out Mauli. They have a one-sided moment. Mauli can’t help but fall for Muskaan once again.

Yeh Rishta:

Samarth creates misunderstandings between the brothers, when they come under the same roof for the Dussehra celebrations. Samarth can’t stand the sight of Manish and Akhilesh. He feels he has easily divide them and rule. He doesn’t have any idea about Manish and Akhilesh’s strong bond of decades, which got shaken up for a limited period. Samarth feels he has outdone Manish by completely getting Akhilesh in his control.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Abhimanyu to rescue Aarohi… Tara and Vasundara get happy when Deep joins for the rituals. Vasundara blesses Deep and Tara. Deep gets saved from Aarohi’s planning. Deep and Tara complete the Karwachauth fast. Deep helps Tara fulfill the rituals with love. Tara gets happy to celebrate the Karwachauth fast with him. She does Deep’s puja. Deep breaks her fast by feeding her water and sweets. Aarohi gets angered when Deep doesn’t get hurt. Deep tricks death once again. Deep’s presence makes Aarohi lose her mind.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika gets Sahil’s support when she breaks her fast. They have a dreamy romance. Vedika tells him that she didn’t expect Sahil to come, but he has surprised her. He tells her that he had to complete her puja by breaking her fast. Vedika and Sahil get happy to perform rituals as a married couple. Vedika wishes Sahil’s long life. Sahil lives the moment. He feels his dream has turned true, as he truly loves Vedika. Bhoomi finds them together. She doesn’t see Vedika’s Karwachauth puja. Bhoomi doesn’t realize the truth.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna had promised Shukla that she will celebrate Dussehra by burning his ego. Krishna succeeds to expose Shukla in front of his family. Radhe stops Shukla from performing Raavan Daahan. He reveals Shukla’s misdeeds. He loses his belief in Shukla. Shukla faces a big defeat by Krishna. Radhe calls his dad an evil man like Raavan. Shukla can’t tolerate his insult. He invites his elder brother home. After Shukla’s evil defeat, another Raavan appears. Shukla’s brother will be adding up troubles for Radhe and Krishna.

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