Yeh Rishta Twist: An evil climb-up to enslave Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Twist: An evil climb-up to enslave Goenkas

Yeh Rishta Twist: An evil climb-up to enslave Goenkas… Manish doesn’t think that Akhilesh has no concern for them. He stops Suwarna from pointing to Akhilesh’s behavior. Moreover, Manish stays in the fear that he will lose Akhilesh. He is also ready to forget and forgive to keep his brother close. He doesn’t want to upset Akhilesh more. In contrast, Samarth creates misunderstandings between the brothers, when they come under the same roof for the Dussehra celebrations. Samarth can’t stand the sight of Manish and Akhilesh. He feels he has easily divide them and rule. He doesn’t have any idea about Manish and Akhilesh’s strong bond of decades, which got shaken up for a limited period. Samarth feels he has outdone Manish by completely getting Akhilesh in his control.

Meanwhile, Akhilesh shocks Samarth once again, by showing his concern for Manish and his family. Akhilesh really loves Kartik and Naira as his children, and rushes to save them from getting hurt.

Yeh Rishta Twist: An evil climb-up to enslave Goenkas

Finally, Dadi, Manish and Suwarna get a new hope when Akhilesh turns caring like before. Dadi wishes nobody breaks her family. She tries to unite her sons once again. Dadi gets a big shocker when her third son steps ahead to complete the family. Dadi doesn’t want him to return because of the old incident, which is hidden from everyone. Manish knows the facts being Dadi’s biggest support. Manish worries for his mum’s growing tensions, but falls helpless when he sights his brother’s entry.

Furthermore, Akhilesh gives the honour of performing Raavan Dahan to Kartik, who is like his eldest son. Kartik gets Naira by his side while he burns the Raavan effigy. Akhilesh supports Kartik happily, which infuriates Samarth. Samarth comes face to face with Goenkas to reveal his real motives, that he will be new evil rival in their lives. He declares himself as the Raavan that would shatter the Goenka family. He challenges Kartik and Naira to stop him if they can. Samarth is sure of his rage that would burn the Goenka family’s unity, peace and happiness.

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