Ishq Mein Marjawa: Abhimanyu to rescue Aarohi

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Abhimanyu to rescue Aarohi

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Abhimanyu to rescue Aarohi… Tara and Vasundara get happy when Deep joins for the rituals. Vasundara blesses Deep and Tara. Deep gets saved from Aarohi’s planning. Deep and Tara complete the Karwachauth fast. Deep helps Tara fulfill the rituals with love. Tara gets happy to celebrate the Karwachauth fast with him. She does Deep’s puja. Deep breaks her fast by feeding her water and sweets. Aarohi gets angered when Deep doesn’t get hurt. Deep tricks death once again. Deep’s presence makes Aarohi lose her mind.

Abhimanyu asks Aarohi not to take any wrong move in anger. Aarohi checks the poisonous drink. She wants to know who has changed the poisonous drink and why. Tara gets the juice for Aarohi and asks her to drink it. Aarohi falls in trouble when she is compelled to drink the poison. She loses the antidote as well. She gets worried for her life. Her plan backfires because of Tara. Abhimanyu helps out Aarphi with the antidote and saves her life.

Aarohi wants to kill Deep some how. She goes to stab Deep to death, but she fails. She then ignites the fire to kill him. Deep’s mum gets trapped inside the fire. Aarohi doesn’t want any innocent person to burn in her revenge fire. She rushes to save Vasundara and gets herself trapped. Deep saves Aarohi once again. Rose petals shower on them. They have a moment. Maasi asks Vasundara about Deep. She wants to discuss something important with Deep. Vasundara asks her what’s the secret.

Someone hits a knife at Maasi to stop her. Deep, Tara and Virat hear Maasi screaming and reach there. They learn about someone’s attack on Maasi. Deep realizes that someone wants to kill Vasundara. Deep’s problems get increasing. Deep gets a new enemy. He feels Maasi came in between when Vasundara was attacked. He doesn’t get any peace in his life. He realizes that someone from the family has made this attack.

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